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There is much to say about Gary Crabtree's post below; I hardly know where to begin.  I will say, however, that I resent his portrayal of Nancy Chaney.

We are not "subjected to" her leadership -- we chose it, and most of us would do so again.  She is not a "queen of naught," but a thoughtful woman trying to do her best to balance what some see as conflicting interests:  business vs. neighborhoods, growth vs. no-growth.  In reality, those are simply smokescreens that mask people's preference for simply using labels in place of the more-difficult strategy of actually seeking to understand different viewpoints.  Do I agree with every position she takes?  Of course not.  Do I think that she has the best interest of a livable, economically viable, environmentally stable Moscow at heart?  Absolutely.  Very few Moscow residents are camped out on the extremes of the political/socio-developmental continuum -- do you really think, Gary, that Nancy's "henchmen" are out to suffocate Moscow under a blanket of stultifying regulations and restrictions?  Do you know anyone who would reasonably equate endless strip malls, clogged streets, a retail-free downtown and a sagging infrastructure with "positive" growth?  Neither do I.  Does each side have things to learn from the other?  I think you know the answer to that, but it's probably a hell of a lot more fun to just hurl epithets and invective.  

You've learned well, grasshopper.

You who fret that Moscow is losing its economic footing seem curiously unable to acknowledge the housing boom on the East side -- construction and development that could hardly be undertaken with a City administration as truculent as you describe.  I wonder why it never occurs to you that the upcoming expansion of Alturas, which will bring even more high-paying jobs to the Moscow area, is made possible by a principle, a developer, and a City working in harmony?  And -- at the risk of going out on a limb here -- a great many folks opposed a bond two years ago that would have equipped Moscow with the kinds of school buildings that would provide our students with more educational opportunities (yeah, even voc-tech and para-professional) and also allow the district to accommodate an increase in students.  Not all growth is the same, but most of us from either side of the spectrum can distinguish between metastasizing slabs of concrete strip malls and healthy, long-term, planned growth with appropriate schools to satisfy it.  

Most of us also would have misgivings if any single religious group were planning a cathedral on less than three-quarters of an acre while also buying up large chunks of downtown, which they occupy under the shakiest approval by the City and with the certainty of wanting to up the student body beyond what the City has allowed.  That the "religious group" here is one with a demonstrated history of nurturing scofflaws, ignoring City requirements, maligning its opponents and bringing disrepute to our area causes me to leap right over "misgivings" and square into "dismay."   You don't have to join me there, Gary, but you really ought to stop piling on a mayor who has navigated Moscow toward a largely more secure harbor while avoiding both the shipwreck of a stagnant economy or the battering seas of untamed, unanticipated growth.


"God works patiently and deeply, but often in hidden ways, in the mess of our humanity and history."
--Eugene Peterson

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So what, exactly is there to be unhappy about? A group 
with money to spend and a group with property to sell got together 
and transacted a mutually agreeable business deal. I don't think that it's 
currently necessary to poll the community before finalizing this kind of 
arrangement, at least not yet. With out a change in city governance this 
November it's hard telling what we might end up being subjected to. It's not 
difficult imagining Nancy, queen of the naught and her like minded henchmen 
being only too happy to review private transactions and withhold their stamp of 
approval from anything that doesn't meet their anti growth, anti business, left 
wing agenda.

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Which absolutely proves what I was told earlier this week - 
  Rick Beebe DID know who was buying his property across from Gritman.  He 
  figured if he played the poor fool that was jerked off by Dougie and his 
  bunch, people would look the other way on his other projects.  In other 
  words, he's playing the "sympathy card".  Too bad, Rick - people so know what you did 
  and are NOT happy. 

Wonder if the IRS is aware that you're back to your 
  old tricks?  

J :]

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    [Vision2020] principals of Developers of the Palouse LLC

    The answer is:
    Larry Germer, Richard Beebe, Jeff Eisinger, Karl Tyler, 
    according to records filed with the Idaho Secretary of State 
    (here's the link: http://www.accessidaho.org/public/sos/corp/search.html?ScriptForm.startstep=viewentity&ScriptForm.startScriptForm.start.ScriptStepView.viewentityFILEvalue=W46038 )
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Does anyone know who 
    Developers of the Palouse, LLC is?


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