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Most people probably have the following question in mind after reading your list of denials:  Why should I care?But I have a different one.  It's, "why should I believe you?"This leads to a third one, namely, "why not just show up, meet Joe or me, and dispel the notion that you're not who you say you are?"  Because if you're not, then you're a liar.  And if you have any sort of moral compass at all, especially after the claims you've made, being thought of as a liar would HAVE to bother you.  Of course, maybe lying only matters if no one knows for sure, and so if no one knows who you are . . . well, here I go, bein' all circuitous again in my reasoning . . . keely> Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 10:44:48 -0700> From: vpschwaller at gmail.com> To: vision2020 at moscow.com> Subject: Re: [Vision2020] School District Math> > Mr Campbell,> > There seems to be a pattern in this venue to select a key point or> phrase in a post and present it out of context.  I'm probalby guilty> of that as well, but I attempt to avoid doing so purposefully.  That> pattern seems a bit illogical to me, but hey, I haven't been teaching> logic for 25 years . . .> > You seemed to have missed or neglected I mentioned in my post that,> yes - it IS only 25 cents.  To refresh your memory let me quote from> that post:> > " Well, 25 cents now, 1.5 million dollars later.  It's not the> case-in-point incident that is so nefarious; it's the precedent it> sets that can be damaging."> > This is the very issue those who support / agree with / UNDERSTAND /> defend  Dr Weitze's case are arguing.  Others have written more> succinctly than I on that topic and I will not belabor it further.> > I beliveve I have explained how I know so much about Mr Sitler.  I was> reluctant to do so because I was quite certain of the firestorm it> would produce and the associated accusations / name-calling /> "illogical" jumps to conclusions which did indeed happen.  And, as I> suspected, it turned out to be something many of you did not want to> hear, even after BEGGING me to tell you.  That seems a bit illogical> to me as well.> > I don't know how long NSA has been downtown because, well, I don't> know.  I could look it up I suppose, but I didn't think it necessary.> > Against my better judgement, I was not going to address this (it> struck me as the geek who stole your prom date being called out by the> high-school bully) but I shall:  I have chosen NOT to meet with you> because, quite simply, I see no purpose in doing so.  Your primary> motive seems to be "Prove to me you're not Doug Wilson.  Or Steven> Sitler.  Or Rush Limbaugh.  Or the anti-Christ."  Where is the logic> in that?  I could perhaps send a ringer in my place.  Are you going to> ask to see my driver's license?  My birth certificate?  My green card?>  Pinkie swear?> > You may call me a coward if you wish.  Better yet point your finger> and say "See!  I told you so!  This proves my point!"  After doing so,> I would suggest you go dust off that introductory logic text and do a> bit more reading.  Maybe I should meet with you if for no other reason> than to give you several copies (you may distribute them to your> friends) of my favorite bumper sticker:> > Don't Confuse Me With Facts - My Mind Is Made Up> > That being said, for the record:> > 1.  I am NOT Doug Wilson.  I've never met Doug Wilson> 2.  I am NOT affiliated in any way with NSA, Christ Church, Logos> School nor anything that (as far as I know) is tied to those> institutions.  I do, however, frequent Bucers.> 3.  I am NOT Steven Sitler, (I'm not sure if he's allowed to go inot> Bucers . . .) nor a friend nor family member.> 4.  I don't know "where in the public record one may confirm that I> have "worked for several months with Mr Sitler and other sex offenders> in our area."  The names of Mr. Sitler's doctors, counselors, and> therapists are matters of public record."  However, public records are> not all-inclusive.> 5.  I'm not even Gerald Weitz> > Schwaller> > > > > > On 5/30/07, Joe Campbell <joekc at adelphia.net> wrote:> > Schwaller writes:> >> > "I think any citizen should be concerned about unnecessary financial> > burdens being levied against them.  Seems like a smart idea to me> > unless one has gobs of money to toss about freely.  I was mostly> > curious why grade school kids had to pay almost 15 percent more for> > their lunches, adults only 9 percent, and from where they got their> > jumble of numbers."> >> > Holly cr*p, Schwaller! (To use a favorite phrase of yours.) They raised each> > meal by 25 cents. This is not a great mystery!> >> > I feel a little odd calling you 'Schwaller' and having you call me 'Mr.> > Campbell.' Please call me 'Joe.' I'll call you 'Doug.' (Of course, I> > understand that calling me 'Joe' won't produce the same giggles amongst your> > friends, so I'll understand if you don't take me up on the offer! Think how> > my friends will giggle in the meantime!)> >> > Another question, Doug: How is it that you can know so much about Sitler yet> > not know how long NSA has been downtown?> >> > Holy cr*p, indeed!> >> > All the best, Joe> >> > ------------------------------> >> > Message: 5> > Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 17:48:00 -0700> > From: "Glenn Schwaller" <vpschwaller at gmail.com>> > Subject: Re: [Vision2020] School District Math> > To: vision2020 at moscow.com> > Message-ID:> > 	<323338460705301748m6c709cc7rde82c5c94c46e045 at mail.gmail.com>> > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed> >> > Mr Hansen,> >> > I think any citizen should be concerned about unnecessary financial> > burdens being levied against them.  Seems like a smart idea to me> > unless one has gobs of money to toss about freely.  I was mostly> > curious why grade school kids had to pay almost 15 percent more for> > their lunches, adults only 9 percent, and from where they got their> > jumble of numbers.> >> > There was a bit of a subtle point in there.  I suspect it was missed.> >> > As far as NSA College being in the central business district, I don't> > know how long the building they occupy was vacant before they moved> > in, nor what other "businesses" may have been interested in that> > location.  For all we know had NSA College not moved in, the building> > would still be vacant with NO benefit to the downtown area whatsoever.> >  It seems to me the students, faculty, staff, and others who use the> > College frequent local retail-based, tax-paying entities nearby, thus> > bolstering the local economy.  I don't know by how much that> > additional business may offset the tax burden.> >> > How far away from the "heart of the town's central business district"> > does one need to go before a tax-exempt entity can safely be granted> > domicile?> >> > With respect to your caveat concerning the management's (I assume you> > refer to Roy Atwood?) comments on non-growth, I'd have to read them if> > I were to consider what impact they may have on giving you as complete> > an answer as possible.> >> > Schwaller> >> > =======================================================> >  List services made available by First Step Internet,> >  serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.> >                http://www.fsr.net> >           mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> > =======================================================> >> > =======================================================>  List services made available by First Step Internet, >  serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.   >                http://www.fsr.net                       >           mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> =======================================================
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