[Vision2020] shooter identity . . . And what he was shooting

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As an expert I can speak to this and you're still wrong. The Russian version
AK-47 is most likely the best weapon in the world today. The US Army gave up
the M1 Grande which used the 308 round to go to the M14 in about 1962 which
used the 7.62x39 round. The difference is the 7.62x39 is a high velocity
round. If you shoot a 308 round through a 55 gal barrel of water it just
punches through to the other side. Then if you take a 7.62x39 round and
shoot it at the barrel and it explodes. The speed is so fast that hydraulics
come into play. You can't compress water so the force blows up the barrel
before it can exit the other side. Now think what that does to a person who
is 90 percent water?  The round does a lot of damage before it exits the
body.  That is still the round our army uses today. Now which one do you
think has the power and inflicts the most damage?  In Nam the Russian AK 47
used a 6.2x54 round. If the communist fighter ran out of ammunition he could
find a dead GI and take his ammunition and use it in his rifle because the
x39 was smaller than the x54 and would chamber. However it would not work
the other way because the x54 was too big to chamber in a M16. If you are
really this interested in guns you should go see your army recruiter he can
sign you up for a fore year course.


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Vizzz peeps,

After watching the press conference, some of the events of Saturday
night/Sunday morning have become more clear.

With the initial reports of the shooter using an SKS in the incident, I
was a little confused and concerned as to how it was done, as the
7.62x39mm cartridge used in that rifle did not seem powerful enough to
have done some of the damage that was said to be inflicted.  Now, after
hearing that the shooter also had an M1A, which is a .308 caliber (a
popular hunting caliber), I can understand a little better since this is
a significantly more powerful round than the 7.62X39 by almost 1/3.
This would also explain a bit more the difference in sound between the
shots fired earlier and those fired later.

Of course, neither of these calibers could be stopped by a "bulletproof"

I'm sure Tom Hansen can speak to this, as he's probably had some
experience with the M14 (the military version of the M1A) and maybe even
some time with an AK47 during his time in Germany.


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