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Dan Carscallen areaman at moscow.com
Sat May 19 15:45:33 PDT 2007

Looks like the same dude to me.

Then again, Superman had everyone fooled for years with just a pair of


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Hi All -

It seems that the Idaho Sex Offender Registry has been updated to
include a
photo of what purports to be of Sitler.

Is this Sitler?


It looks considerably different than the photo I have at:


What makes this even more peculiar (and pretty much the reason why I
ask) is
that the photo posted at my "public announcement" site (and previously
downloaded from Sitler's own, and now defunct, website) has been there
for a
year.  It has been seen by people from both sides of the proverbial
yet nobody has complained about it not being Steven James Sitler.

Your input would be most valuable.


Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"Uh, how about a 1-strike law. Death doesn't seem too extreme for a
sex offender."

- Dale "Comb-Over" Courtney (August 3, 2005)

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