[Vision2020] A Lack of Empathy

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What I find interesting is the almost total lack on questions about 
whether the lawsuit might be right?? It leaves me wondering how many 
others know he is right and are not surprised at all. I am hearing from 
other teachers and leaders in the area that he is right. The big thing for 
me is that our kids/students shouldn't have been brought into this are 
all. It is selfish and just wrong of the teachers to have exposed the kids 
to the controversy. Just who are the adults here?

> What I find unreasonable is using students as cats paws to put pressure 
> an individual community member who is in the process of bringing about a 
> perfectly legitimate legal proceeding. As to the second part of your 
> I'm fairly sure that I have never expressed any distain for "legalism's" 
> niggling or otherwise. Looks to me like, once again, your trying to make 
> argument where none exists.
> g
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> >> So far I have seen no argument from levy supporters on this topic that
> >> speaks to the merits of the case. What I have seen in spades is the
> >> vilification of a man who has done much for the students of the Moscow
> >> School District. From what quarter does the castigation come? Why 
> >> surprise
> >> surprise, it appears to be board members, (past & present) teachers,
> >> (former, current and hopeful) and an ever expanding administration, 
> >> surely
> >> they couldn't have any personal bias regarding this issue, could 
they?  A
> >> letter such as the response to Mr. Neff & Co. is simply more of the 
> >
> > What I'm wondering, Gary, is why you find it unreasonable for someone
> > to have an opinion about whether they should be laid off? I'm also
> > wondering why you disapprove of niggling legalism when used to pick at
> > enormous coproarations, but suddenly become a champion of the "little
> > guy" when it comes to the wording of questions that buy our kids
> > *textbooks?*
> >
> > -- ACS
> > 
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