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This is irresponsible speculation and assignment of blame at its worst.  Do we have any proof that Sitler has done anything in West Virginia or Texas, or that Doug Wilson advised him to shut the hell up about them if he did?  Do we know -- can we ever REALLY know -- that Sitler views his crimes as simply his "manly right" to sexually abuse children?  And do we really think that Wilson's teaching on headship, patriarchy, and submission, as disturbing and erroneous as I find those teachings to be, is a logical motivator for acts of gross perversion against children?I don't like Doug Wilson.  I find his depth of New Testament theological understanding to be woefully lacking.  And I am, like anyone else, appalled by Steve Sitler's crimes against children and I have a lot of concern about the questionable way his prosecution was handled.  But I also hate the kind of innuendo that J's post represents, and I find it unfair, intolerable, and uncharitable.J, I'm sorry this post will anger you, but I'm not sorry for my reaction to yours.  Steve Sitler and only Steve Sitler is accountable for his actions, and I am accountable just as much for any contribution I make to an already horrifying situation.keely> From: privatejf32 at hotmail.com> To: vision2020 at moscow.com> Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 09:42:26 -0700> Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Question for Mr. Schwaller> > Simple....Dougie-Boy had told (and continues to tell) Sitler to only talk > about the incident(s) in Idaho and wait to see if WV or Texas or any other > state does anything about the crimes in their states.  If so, then things > would proceed from there - but again, ONLY as Dougie-Boy dictates it will.  > Thompson is just another puppet on a string for Dougie-Boy.> > Dougie-Boy is of the ilk of "disclose ONLY what they already know about and > shut the hell up on the rest."  He practices it, lives it, breathes it, > preaches it, etc.> > Sitler will NEVER "admit" to the other crimes because he does not see them > as "crimes"...he sees them as his "manly right" to do what he wants to the > children and women of the church.  Makes sense when you consider that > Dougie-Boy says that's the way it is from the lectern.> > > J  :]> > > > > > >From: Bob Herodotus <bherodotus at yahoo.com>> >To: vision2020 at moscow.com> >Subject: [Vision2020] Question for Mr. Schwaller> >Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 09:15:03 -0700 (PDT)> >> >> >Dear Mr. Schwaller,> >> >You seem like one of those "all things to all men" kind of guys to me; in > >fact, if I didn't know better I might be tempted to think you're another > >incarnation of Doug and Doug on one of their "skylarking" expeditions.  > >They're such clever guys.> >> >Nevertheless, since you appear intimately familiar with the court records, > >P & P's policy & procedure, Sitler¢s automobile, and even the Christ Church > >seating arrangement, I'm wondering if you could please account for the > >contradiction between the implications of two of your statements?> >> >On Friday, May 4, you wrote,> >> >"I'm sure if the court was not aware of the "trophy website" then, they are > >now."> >> >But on Saturday, May 12, you wrote,> >> >"I would note that even Mr Sitler was responsible enough to stand in open > >court and apologize for his actions.  Yes, it may very well have been self > >serving of him to do so, but nonetheless he did apologize."> >> >In the former instance, you seemed almost dismissive about the so-called > >"trophy website."  However, in the latter you placed great weight on Mr. > >Sitler's public act of taking responsibility, whatever may have motivated > >him.> >> >This is important because the "trophy website" contained photographs of > >Sitler¢s victims from the states of West Virginia and Washington, and Bill > >Thompson has confirmed that Sitler failed to own it prior to its discovery. > >  So if you believe that Sitler "was responsible enough to stand in open > >court and apologize for his actions," then why do you believe the scope of > >his responsibility didn't include full disclosure?> >> >Thanks,> >> >Bob Herodotus> >> >> >> >> >> >____________________________________________________________________________________Give > >spam the boot. Take control with tough spam protection in the all-new > >Yahoo! Mail Beta.> >http://advision.webevents.yahoo.com/mailbeta/newmail_html.html> >> >=======================================================> >  List services made available by First Step Internet,> >  serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.> >                http://www.fsr.net> >           mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> >=======================================================> > _________________________________________________________________> Like the way Microsoft Office Outlook works? You’ll love Windows Live > Hotmail. > http://imagine-windowslive.com/hotmail/?locale=en-us&ocid=TXT_TAGHM_migration_HM_mini_outlook_0507> 
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