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Why, it seems to me that Dan raises an excellent point, although I might be too emotional to have correctly understood it.And, as for why I never mentioned his horns and tail, it's not because I'm polite, but only because he was kind enough to not make fun of my patchouli oil cologne, flowing tie-dye skirt, leather halter top and ancient Birkenstocks with "Go McGovern" buttons pinned to them.  We all know that Dan is a conservative, so he obviously has horns and a tail, just as I'm a faded liberal relic of some long-ago decade when all we were saying was "give peace a chance."  I live in a simple world, and I prefer to keep it that way.OK, Now that I've gotten the necessary name-calling and polarization out of my system, I'd like to point out that liberals and conservatives have supported Moscow's public schools, and sometimes liberals and conservatives have disappointed me in their failure to do so.  I find that I have much in common with my many MCA friends and much in common, as the wife of a small-business owner, with some of GMA's goals.   The current calamity we're facing -- and, like it or not, we're ALL facing it -- is the fault of those men whose petulance has clouded their judgment, and it's not a liberal thing or a conservative thing.  What it is, is an opportunity for all of us who believe in and recognize the benefit of (in Moscow's case, the excellence of) our public schools to band together to combat the mean-spirited distortions and lies of those who, whether for God or a warped sense of civic duty, would seek to destroy them.  I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who support public schools, and I'll continue to stand toe-to-toe against those who wish or cause their demise or harm, and I will until the day I die.  It's an honor and a blessing, but make no mistake -- it's going to be an ongoing battle.  Let's all hang together in it.keelyFrom: areaman at moscow.comTo: vision2020 at moscow.comDate: Wed, 9 May 2007 06:41:06 -0700Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Lawsuit Could Be a Disastrous Legal Action That is	Not Pro-Ed or Pro-Kids

I can't sit back, I gotta call Donovan out on a couple 
First, Donovan says:
"Why doesn't it  
[MSD]  sell its high value city property for newer buildings 
on cheaper land, education can occur in anywhere? "
hmm, back during the facilities election, Mr. Arnold campaigned 
pretty hard against it:
then he states:
"FYI, the 1992 funding 
was to put up an electronic bulletin board to announce sporting events and 
the connection between the Annex and the kitchen. Then they turned around and 
increased the lunch and food prices. Their priorities seem to have been rather 
backwards, even back then."
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that electronic bulletin board was paid 
for with funds raised by the class of 1989.  I'm sure you can 
come up with an invoice to prove me wrong, though.  and lunch prices 
haven't gone up a heckuva lot in the last twenty years.  I recall paying 
$21.00 for 20 punches way back in 1987.  Now I pay $22.50 for 15 for 
my kids.  going from $1.05 to $1.50 in 20 years ain't too hard to 
swallow.  I wish gas prices only went up about 2 cents a year.  
Well, actually, I wish they didn't go up at all, but that's another subject . . 
Then, in response to Keely:
"Why is it that every 
person you disagree with, in your eyes, has horns and a tail? Don't 
you think it is possible to be a good person but disagree with you on how to 
approach a problem?"
I disagree with Keely on occasion, and I've met her in person.  
Heck, she even gave me a hug once or twice.  She didn't mention my horns or 
my tail.  Maybe she was being polite.  If so, at least she's got that 
going for her.
I could probably come up with more stuff, but there ain't enough time in 
the day.  I'm too busy tipping over the wheelchairs of handicapped kids, 
your pal,

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