[Vision2020] Weitz is a civic terrorist?

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your question: "If Dr. Weitz's claim has no legal merit, then why would MSD have any concern?"
my response: a huge amount of administrative time and a sizable chunk of money (as in paid by local taxes to the district) will have to be used to fight this suit.  Of course the district, and its patrons, are concerned.
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  Ms. Emerinemix,

  I don't know if there is any merit to Dr. Weitz's claim.  I believe that the foundation for any argument is "is this position valid?"   With something as complex and potentially dangerous and damaging as the illlegality of a tax-based ballot measure, I have no problem with someone questions its validity.  Dr. Weitz has wisely chosen to use the law to determine if his claim has merit.  Many will discount this as "frivolity" and cite a laundry list of reasons based on gut-wrenching emotion (oh the poor kids!  The poor teachers!  The poor administration!) and avoid considering a more insidious outcome of allowing a group to unfairly and inappropriately tax the public for whatever it is they want (be it schools, roads, parks, athletic centers).  This potentially could set a precedence by which any group could do the same thing.  If Dr. Weitz's claim has no legal merit, then why would MSD have any concern?  I for one would rather see the law surrounding this issue clearly delineated than to see some other, possibly more unsavory group, use the same tactics to fund their particular interest.


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