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Tom Trail ttrail at moscow.com
Tue May 8 13:44:51 PDT 2007

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>>  >Visionaries:
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>>  >It is not often that one can follow the adventures of modern day
>>  >explorers.  You now have that opportunity.   To
>>  >celebrate the International Polar year 2007-08,
>>  >Dixie Dansercoer and Alain Hubert are traversing
>>  >from Siberia to Greenland on
>>  >skis.  As part of their journey, they
>>  >participate in a full educational program.
>>  >They are undertaking a range of scientific
>>  >studies, taking measurements and samplings in
>>  >order to contribute to several polar research
>>  >institutes.
>>  >
>>  >Up until now, major crossings of the Arctic have
>>  >traditionally begun at Cape Arktishewski in
>>  >Siberia, and ended on Ellesmere Island - thus
>>  >covering a distance of about 1700 kilometres.
>>  >The trajectory followed by the two
>>  >explorers is significantly longer, ending at the southernmost tip of
>Greenl> and
>>  >and requiring them to travel some 4300 km.  Such a feat has never before
>be> en
>>  >undertaken in the Arctic.
>>  >
>>  >The expedition started in February 2007 and is
>>  >expected to last until June 2007.  At the end of
>>  >February, the team left the icy grounds of
>>  >Svernaya Zemlya Archipelago and should arrive if
>>  >plans go well in Narssarssuaq one hundred and
>>  >ten days later.
>>  >
>>  >Dixie Dansercoer was an American Field Studies student from Belgium from
>>  >1980-81 and attended Moscow High School.  He lived with my family and
>>  >a close friend of our son, Mark.  Our family attended his wedding in
>>  >Belgium.  Dixie headed up two expeditions across the Greenland Icecap--
>>  >one on mountain bikes with studded tires (an idea he picked up in
>>  >Dixie and his colleague, Alain, in 2002 crossed Anarctica, by using
>>  >skiis and parasails and hauling 200 lbs. each of supplies by pulling
>>  >It took them about 100 days to cover more than 3,500 miles ending their
>>  >journey at McMurdo Base.  The first person to greet them was Joel Foy,
>>  >a Moscow High School graduate and our next door neighbor.
>>  >
>>  >Dixie will be honored this coming October as Belgium's Outstanding
>>  >Explorer of the past 100 years.
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>>  >You can follow their adventures by connecting to
>>  >http://arcticarc.org and get audio updates on
>>  >http://www.circles.cc
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>>  >Tom Trail
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