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Tue May 8 12:05:57 PDT 2007

Thanks Brad
I just found "Collision Course" on Amizon.com for $19.95

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> Thanks for the recommendations, Carl. And you have given me an opening 
> to plug two books by my "nephew-in-law", who might be considered a local 
> author since he is married to my niece Brenda Bradberry (MHS Grad). John 
> Norris's first book was "Collision Course - NATO, Russia, and Kosovo", 
> pub. 2005 and his latest is just out:  "The Disaster Gypsies: 
> Humanitarian Workers in the World's Deadliest Conflicts", pub 30 April 
> 2007. I am anxiously awaiting my copy of Disaster Gypsies - it is "in 
> the mail". Both books are non-fiction and the first was a highly 
> readable account of the interactions between the US, NATO and Russia in 
> reacting to the Kosovo-Serb conflict.
> Incidentally, John and Brenda now live in Kathmandu, Nepal where he is 
> with the UN mission and she works for the Asia Foundation.
> Brent Bradberry
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