[Vision2020] It's not "cyberstalking" unless you harass someone,

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I guess you need to check with your master before you speak on his behalf.

He does NOT claim to be a "Presbyterian"....he and his church are a 
"reformed church."

Picky, I guess - but if you're going to be his new mouth piece, it probably 
would be good to get his facts correct.

J  :]

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>Are you seriously suggesting that Moscow's Shining Example maintains his 
>compendium of consternation and crackpottery out of love and respect? Or do 
>you truly think that the villainous Presbyterians are on the verge of 
>bringing back slavery and commencing with the wholesale slaughter of all 
>who won't toe their line and that MSE is actually sounding a clarion call 
>of caution? I don't think that even you are going to try and run down that 
>ridiculous road. But perhaps you are right, calling it a hate web site may 
>have been going just the tiniest  bit overboard. Lets change it to a I 
>really, really, REALLY don't care for these folks all that much web site. 
>(Really, no joke, I am not kidding, don't like 'em, not one bit)
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> >> Is it maintaining a hate web site against a small local protestant
> >> congregation?
> >
> > Criticizing someone's views is "hate." Demanding the executions of
> > people you disagree with and excusing the American holocaust is
> > "perfectly reasonable behavior."
> >
> > C'mon, Gary. Expand on this.
> >
> > -- ACS
> >

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