[Vision2020] The Imam of Ait Kassem Serves Lunch

nickgier at adelphia.net nickgier at adelphia.net
Tue May 1 12:15:51 PDT 2007

Dear Kai:

You missed a related point about headgear.  Which one will the terrorist take on: the prayer cap, the Berber cap, the Fez hat, the Blue Man's turban, the Sikh turban, the dozens of different Rajasthani turbans (denoting Hindu caste, marital status, month, etc.), the kuffiyeh worn by Saudis, Syrain, Palestinians, Jordanians, and Iraqis, a ball cap, a boller hat, no hat, or the bandanna worn by the Tamil Tigers, who have been responsible for over half the terrorist attacks in the last 30 years?

Just wondering.

Nick Gier

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