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Robert et. al.

Very funny, troublemaker, and partly true.

Some climate scientists think natural climate variables at this point
in time (not 200,000 years from now) should be gradually sliding the
northern hemisphere back into the next ice age, an argument that
reduces the probability that the global warming currently observed is
due to natural (i. e. non-anthropogenic) variables.  But as far as
anthropogenic climate forcing from CO2 emissions balancing out the
natural variables tending to cool the climate, atmospheric CO2 levels
exceeding 500 ppm could induce the sauna Earth of the Eocene, 55
million years ago, when there were no polar ice caps.  Your long term
business investments might be wisely shifted to warm weather sports

Professor of Environmental Science at the U. of Virginia., William F.
Ruddiman, has made the argument that natural variables should now be
cooling the Earth's climate, though anthropogenic impacts are
overcoming this cycle:



Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

On 12/26/07, Robert Dickow <dickow at uidaho.edu> wrote:
> An enjoyable post, thanks.
> However, concerning global warming, I distinctly remember learning that the
> earth is supposed to be headed for another ice age... something like 200,000
> years from now. Won't the global climate change of concern now (warming)
> balance out the ice age trend, so that maybe we'll have a net zero climate
> change?
> I was kinda looking forward to the Ice Age because I have a lot of stock in
> winter sports equipment manufacturing companies.
> Bob Dickow, troublemaker.
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> This article continues the critique of writings on climate change by
> Allegre and Courtillot, started in Part I .
> Prelude: It's the physics, stupid
> .which of course is a paraphrase of Bill Clinton's famous quote
> regarding the economy. We put the last word in small letters since
> we've learned that it is not a good debating technique to imply (even
> inadvertently) that those who are having trouble seeing <snip>
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