[Vision2020] Boise State DVD

Bill London london at moscow.com
Wed Dec 26 12:12:32 PST 2007

Is it treason here in Vandal-land to mention a feature film, now on DVD, that recognizes and celebrates the remarkable 2006-2007 Boise State football season?

The film is "Out of the Blue" and it is an excellent film that mixes good football footage with player interviews and other background to explain how BSU beat Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl -- a game that is now regarded as one of the finest college games ever played.

Beyond the football, which is only marginally interesting to me, is the packaging.  The DVD was underwritten by the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Idaho Department of Commerce.  Those agencies received placement of a 5 minute commercial about Idaho as a special feature on the DVD, and they got a colorful ad page inserted as well.  So, the whole thing serves as an ad for Idaho and for Boise.

If you want to see it, there is a copy at the Moscow library

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