[Vision2020] Christmas in Falluja

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Granted I do not have a relative serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, Kai.


However, I do maintain regular email contacts with three service members who
are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Remember the videos I posted a while
back (titled "On Duty in Afghanistan")?  Those were sent to me by 1SG Troy
Steward who was, at that time, serving with a US Army contact team attached
to an Afghan National Army unit.  He is currently assigned to the battalion
I retired from (1st Battalion, 15th Infantry).  Although I was with this
battalion in Kitzingen, Germany, Troy is serving with 1-15 just outside of
Baghdad.  His last email promised me more videos, videos you will not see on
television.  The problem is that 1-15 Battalion S-2 will not release them
until their next rotation stateside.


The other service members are stationed in the Paktika Province in


I feel that I am entitled to my opinion, a very developed and substantiated


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"We're a town of about 23,000 with 10,000 college students. The college
students are not very active in local elections (thank goodness!)."

- Dale Courtney (March 28, 2007) 


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Its easy to take sides when you don't have a relative serving in Iraq. Of
course we want him home, at the same time he believes in the mission and
what he is doing and we have to support him.
My wife's kid brother, Chris, is "somewhere north of Bagdad", serving his
second tour. We keep in contact with via MySpace, email and (usually) weekly
phone calls. He gets packages from home on a regular basis, including his
favorite jerky from C&L Locker (which was kind enough to double vaccum pack
it) photos and whatever neccesities he may ask for.
Forgotten? Hardly, our soldier has an entire family supporting him, giving
him whatever we can to ease his burden so he can concentrate on doing his
job and getting home safely. I believe most other service members' families
are doing the same. 
It's easy to say these soldiers are forgotten, when you don't know what's
going on behind the scenes and are just taking things at face value.


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