[Vision2020] Attendees At UN Climate Conference PayForConference Associated CO2 Emissions

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This seems to be a legitimate market concern to me too, and thanks for looking after it, Kai. 
Corruption in the market does not diminish authoritive measurements indicating that the biological carrying capacity of the planet is on a downward trend, due to human corruption...In fact,who could be surprised?
We kept Kim's 64 T-bird!  We just don't feed it. Been riding a 2hp Honda powered Schwinn ssx cruiser of late. And, look forward to building more of them, as the demand arises.

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No, I wasn't able to get out of the office, as I recall.
I did some checking online, including taking a gander at the Chicago Climate Exchange website.
>From what I found, the winners are major polluters and middlemen/brokers, and possibly corporate offset providers. For the most part, the startup costs and commissions taken by the middlemen will keep many, smaller prospective offsetters out of the game.
I have a feeling there will be a lot of self-congratulating and back patting over what they've "done" for the environment, without having done much, if anything.
The price of credits has dropped like a rock over the last 180 days. They've gone from a high of over $3 in April and July/August to under $2 in November, with a slight rebound to just over $2 now.
Yet, some places are selling these credits for $5+ just so someone can feel good about driving that Escalade to their local organic grocery for Fair Trade coffee and organic jicama.
What a racket, I wish I'd thought of it. Then I could have kept my '65 T-Bird and ditched my '06 Hyundai.

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Kai and V2020:
Were you at the UI Sustainability Conference a few months back?  As I recall one of the key speakers was one of the folks that started the "Sustainability Market" in the USA several years ago.  I thought he had some very interesting things to say about how they started a carbon credit market.  Specifically, if I recall correctly, his talk about starting to make environmentalism profitable so people will be more likely to do it.  Got me to thinking at the time: carbon credits are alot like the sin tax we put on alcohol and tobacco.  Money from a bad habit goes to something potentially good.  What did you think? 
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Carbon Credits: Scam operated by Wall Street types, to make money off ofpolluters who want to clean up their public image without actually having to DO anything to reduce the pollutants they generate and offset providers whopurport to reduce emmisions in return for cash.However, the number of middlemen involved makes profiting from reducinggasses  difficult at best, so don't plan on making money from it with your apple orchard.AKA "The Feel Good, Do Nothing Scam"----- Original Message -----From: "lfalen" <lfalen at turbonet.com>To: < nickgier at adelphia.net>; "Ted Moffett" <starbliss at gmail.com>Cc: <vision2020 at moscow.com>Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 2:54 PM Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Attendees At UN Climate ConferencePayForConference Associated CO2 Emissions> Nick> I would encourage the use of tele conferences wherever possible. CALS> does a fairly good job of this. Most conferences  associated with > government agencies could do this. As for political parties, most> individuals do not have the necessary equipment to make this practical. If> they did I would favor it.> I hope you enjoyed your trip and good luck on your book > Roger> -----Original message-----> From: nickgier at adelphia.net> Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2007 23:56:39 -0800> To: Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com> Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Attendees At UN Climate Conference Pay> ForConference Associated CO2 Emissions>>> Hi Roger,>>>> Will you encourage your Republican colleagues to buy carbon credits to >> attend their convention next summer, or should they all stay at home and>> nominate their candidate from their computers?>>>> Not a good idea, because climate delegates have to be together personally >> just as political convention delegates do.>>>> Nick Gier>>>> =======================================================>>  List services made available by First Step Internet, >>  serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.>>                http://www.fsr.net>>           mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com >> =======================================================>> =======================================================> List services made available by First Step Internet,> serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994. >               http://www.fsr.net>          mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> ======================================================= >Kai EiseleinEditor, Latah Eagle=======================================================List services made available by First Step Internet,serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.              http://www.fsr.net         mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com=======================================================
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