[Vision2020] Civility is a 2-way street.

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When this brouhaha first came to light, I recall you apologizing and Gary Crabtree accepting the apology and saying something to effect of "let's move on".  Gary isn't the one being petty about this and I'm sure he'd like nothing better than to move on to scoring more debate points on v2020 which is something he does very well being the master debater that he is.

Sending Gary an insulting email was your fault.  You apologized.  Nothing more needs to be said.  Trying to pin any blame on Gary for forwarding it v2020 is as weak to me as Doug Wilson's complaint against Terry Morin for posting supposedly secret documents for the whole world to see Doug as a rotten, lying skunk.

There's not much you can do about Dale or HeirDoug reposting it again and again.  They don't quite understand the whole "I'm sorry, I made a mistake, I'll try not to make the same one again" scenario.  What else would you expect from disciples of a rogue pastor who makes all sorts of ludicrous statements and never refutes them because in his own mind it's a weakness to admit to any mistake (no matter how painfully obvious)?

My advice is that when Heirdoug plays this card again - and you know he will because he's not very creative - leave Gary out of the mix.  He's more than happy to move forward.


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Ted writes: "...given Gary Crabtree was the fully
disclosed source of the original posting of this private e-mail, in
violation of the 'rule' that private messages not be posted to
Vision2020, it is reasonable to assume he might engage in the same
 conduct again, correct?"

Gary writes: "Making assumptions based on nonexistent evidence is
ill advised."

Your NAME was on the the posted letter. How is that a lack of evidence?

For the record, I don't think you posted the recent letter. But you did
 post the 
initial PRIVATE letter -- precisely so your Kirk friends could re-post
 it over 
and over and over again. So it isn't exactly as if you are without

I await your insults, fallacies, and evasions. If nothing else, they
 provide a 
source of amusement to the other readers.

-- Joe Campbell

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