[Vision2020] Seriously, this time

Andreas Schou ophite at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 15:01:04 PDT 2007

Walter --

I've got to agree. Normally, J Ford is perfectly reasonable, but this
one-woman windmill-tilting crusade against Javon Butler (and through
him, all black Americans) is seriously off-kilter. What's up, J?

-- ACS

On 4/14/07, Walter Smith <don.nergal at gmail.com> wrote:
> While my last post was entirely a jest, this one is not. I am indeed hiding
> behind a cloak of anonymity, since this forum seems to nothing but destroy
> those willing to talk, and I have no suicide wish. Take my comments with as
> big a grain of salt as you feel necessary.
> I do consider myself a liberal, and while I find the filth spewing forth
> from "Tony" (aka FingerElbowSpace) and his ilk disgusting and un-American,
> the recent hate flowing from J Ford (whom I usually agree with) is truly
> foul. I had never heard of "Javon Butler" before this fracas, as I care
> nothing for college sports. But the calls from J Ford to deny this man the
> justice (albeit imperfect) that out system grants is beyond the pale, never
> have I heard such a disgusting tirade. It is particularly disgusting due to
> the obvious (to everyone else) racism embodied in her posts, and the clear
> fact that she actually believes what she is saying, and sees nothing wrong
> with it. I can't even recall such filth from the arians that used to be
> around here, and they were the worst of the worst.
> What Don Imus did was wrong, much of the reaction to what he did is wrong,
> and much of the reaction to that reaction is wrong. But how does the
> injustice against him justify denying justice to another?.
> I have no idea if Javon is guilty, I wasn't there. I know none of the people
> involved, and have no reason to believe one party over the other. If the
> courts find Javon guilty, I won't argue; if they don't, I won't argue. This
> is what our justice system is for, to do everything possible to learn the
> truth. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Could anything
> possibly be more un-American?
> Unless Javon is a clear and present danger to others (which I cannot imagine
> him being, with all the attention currently focused on him), what reason
> could there be for denying him the rights afforded to everyone
> (non-celebrity, admittedly) else? Is it just because he is black, and has
> been accused by a white man? What, exactly, is wrong with letting the
> process take it's course?
> Sincerely,
> Anon
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