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Tom Hansen idahotom at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 28 11:43:35 PDT 2006

If somebody does have a complaint against a business, especially if it 
concerns payment for services not rendered (or a product not received), they 
should (as I do) file a complaint with the . . .

Better Business Bureau of Spokane

The Better Business Bureau is an excellent point of contact when it comes to 
doing business with an entity that you may not be familiar with.  When I am 
considering purchasing a major end item (vehicle, computer, cameras, etc.) 
from a business entity that is new to me, I check with the national office 
of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) first, then check with the local BBB.  
You would be surprised how much money, time, effort, and (in some cases) 
embarrassment the BBB can save you.

Tom Hansen
Vandalville, Idaho

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>  I had the same problem with my Mazda 323. But I took  it a Mazda dealer 
>and the part they put in broke twenty four hours  later when I was in 
>another town. When I returned it complaining the  part had failed, they 
>said they would only fix it if I paid them more  money. What the mechanic 
>didn't realize was that I was in process of  buying a car from their 
>dealership. Since they treated me that way, I  went somewhere else to buy a 
>  Same story with Paradise  Ford. They charged me for $70 for a car wash. I 
>took my Ford Escort  into the dealership to get the motors for the electric 
>windows looked  at. I told them that I think the window's motors needed 
>replacing. They  said they would charge $70 because they had to take the 
>door panels off  and test them.
>  They called me six hours later telling me my  car was ready. What did 
>they tell me? That my windows motor was broken.  Which is the same thing I 
>told them. I checked the door panels that  could tell that they never 
>removed them, the plastic pins have to be  replaced in the door panel when 
>removed, and the plastic pins were the  same ones because they were 
>scratched in the same place and in the same  position.
>  In addition, they quoted me a price for the  window motors that was 3-4 
>times higher than every other parts  dealership in Moscow, and the Ford 
>Dealership in Spokane, which  obviously get the same parts from the same 
>  I would  never go to Paradise Ford in Moscow for their rip off attitude 
>toward  their customers. Same thing with Post Falls Mazda.
>  I will  say however, the Toyota Dealership in Cd'A is awesome, as is the 
>Honda  Dealership in Post Falls, very honest high quality people. I also 
>miss  that repair shop on Third Street that shut down, they were awesome.
>   Best,
>   _DJA

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