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Suddenly, Vision2020 posts are coming into my old Vision2020 subscription
e-mail address inbox, with no change in my subscription address on my part.
Today's posts were coming into my current Vision2020 subscription e-mail
address (starbliss at gmail.com) with no apparent problem earlier today.

This same behavior of the list was exhibited not long ago...

These seem to be old posts coming into my old Vision2020 subscription
address today, though, like this one I recall reading weeks ago:

    Subj: *[Vision2020] It's Official: Civil War in Iraq * Date: 9/28/2006
11:16:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time  From: ngier at uidaho.edu To:
vision2020 at moscow.com  *Sent from the Internet

Catching up on everything after 12 days in Provence, living as close to the
land (local produce and local wine) as one possibly can.  It was amazing,
but I'm happy that I'm now returning to 30 minute dinners rather than 2
hour ones. I ate more butterfat in one week than I have all year.
Ted Moffett
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