[Vision2020] Congratulations, Greg Dickison

Andreas Schou ophite at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 11:13:45 PDT 2006

With regard to Greg Dickison, this may come as some surprise, but I am
actually somewhat sad to see him leaving the legal profession -- given
that, in my personal life, I have been on the opposite side of any
issue he has litigated, and I think I am sufficiently on-record about
his church, his role within that church, and his views on the law.

However, professionally, I've never heard a complaint about his
conduct as a criminal defense attorney (indeed, I've heard quite a few
people, sometimes surprising people, be quite effusive about the
quality of his representation.) For someone that has both worked with
victims of domestic violence and individuals in recovery from drug
addiction, this is somewhat unusual: one would expect that either one
or the other would have some complaint about how he chooses to do his

-- ACS

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