[Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up

Joe Campbell joekc at adelphia.net
Thu Sep 28 10:49:29 PDT 2006

I agree with David that disturbing allusions should be shunned!

IMHO, Tom's original post only made an allusion about someone’s having sex in prison with another man (or men). He didn't say anything about whether that sex was or was not consensual. The "joke," as I understood it, was not that this person had been raped but that he was a closet "homosexual."

Joe Campbell

---- David Williams <davidwilliams365 at hotmail.com> wrote: 

Recant accepted.  Btw, this is a public forum, which means when I send a 
message to vision2020 at moscow.com, it gets sent to you as well.  Itaque, you 
get the message.  Or do you??  Also, I'm pretty sure everyone took it the 
way I did (check all previous posts concerning it).  So is the problem with 
me, or with your pretty disturbing allusion, shall we say, to prison rape??

>From: "Tom Hansen" <idahotom at hotmail.com>
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>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up
>Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:44:45 -0700
>Davie, Davie, Davie –
>Let me preface my comments with a suggestion.  If you have any complaints 
>concerning MY comments, send them to ME, ok?  My name is Tom Hansen.  But 
>you can call me Ray or you can call me Jay or anything else that flips your 
>Bic.  I can be reached at thansen at moscow.com or publicly right here in 
>That said.  I NEVER made ANY reference to “rape”.  My ONLY comments were 
>addendum to Lemon-O “No Clue” Farris’ “prison” remark and how his knowledge 
>may possibly have been gained through experience as Bubba’s/Jake’s cellmate 
>love interest.
>I will assume that most people do not equate love with rape or vice-versa.  
>However, if you are struggling to differentiate the two, than, perhaps, you 
>are the one with a problem.
>In preparation for responses to this posting of mine, I will now replace my 
>keyboard and warm up the delete key.
>Seeya round town, Moscow.
>Tom Hansen
>Vandalville, Idaho
>“Madness does not always howl.  Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end 
>of the day saying, ‘Hey, is there room in your head for one more?’”
>- Author Unknown
>>From: "David Williams" <davidwilliams365 at hotmail.com>
>>To: kjajmix1 at msn.com, heirdoug at netscape.net, thansen at moscow.com,        
>>vision2020 at moscow.com, deco at moscow.com
>>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up
>>Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 15:29:07 -0400
>>Funny that you would mention that to Doug AFTER Tom brought up the prison
>>rape subject.  Any comment on Tom's post?

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