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Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 20:47:13 PDT 2006

 Just think of all the lawyers that would lose their  jobs and have to go get real ones if the tax system was simplified?  There would be too much resistance. 
 I do think an idea that  would fly would be to break up the due date for taxes into like six  different time periods instead of making taxes due for all 280 million  people in the country at once. 
  If we had 1/6 of people owning taxes every 2 months instead it would break up the work load and make it easier on people. 
  I think it is stupid to have the due date the same everywhere at once. 
Paul Rumelhart <godshatter at yahoo.com> wrote:  One of the nice side effects of this idea is the money that would be 
saved on doing federal income taxes at many levels.  I'm a programmer at 
HR at the U of I, and I spend a good portion of my time for a period of 
a week or more at various times around the first of the year (with 
others) working on the balancing, processing, printing, and uploading of 
federal tax information.  There are many others like me across the 
country that would be saved this time.  Not to mention what it costs 
individuals to file their taxes through tax firms or some online 
services, both in money and time.  Gutting the IRS would be a huge saver 
just on it's own.

I would like them to waive this tax for necessary items, such as basic 
groceries and perhaps some basic living supplies.  People need to eat.

Now if only they could get a good micropayment method setup for small 
online purchases, and throw out  artificial price barriers such as 
regions on DVDs and timed releases of items on the various continents.  
Oh, and while we're at it, DRM on copyrighted online media can go too.

Is there a group that is working towards a value-added federal tax?  Is 
anyone behind it?  Does anyone have the numbers worked out on how much 
of a change this would make from a budgeting standpoint?


Tom Hansen wrote:

> I agree, Mr. falen -
> In fact I brought this up a couple times over the past couple years 
> here on V2020.
> We should eliminate federal income tax altogether and simply adopt a 
> 2% to 3% federal sales tax addendum to each state's sales tax.
> As it is currently, if a business entity purchases something for use 
> by that business entity, the purchase is exempt from state sales tax.  
> We can maintain the status quo on that, and simply not allow ANY 
> exemptions to the federal sales tax addendum.  In effect it would 
> drastically reduce, if not eliminate the national deficit within a 
> reasonably short period of time.
> Europe (Germany, in particular) has been imposing a federal 
> "value-added" tax for quite some time now.  Perhaps we should follow 
> suit.
> Tom Hansen
> Vandalville, Idaho
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>> Donovan, Dick, Paul and others
>> I think you all have good ideas that merit consideration.  A flat tax 
>> with an exemption below a certain income level or a national sales 
>> tax, exempting basic goods would be a big improvement.Some services 
>> could be taxed(haircuts for example). Any of these would get rid of 
>> the tax exemptions  that allow the rich to avoid taxes.
>> Roger

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