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well that would be ok if their happy meals at mcdonalds didn't cost 45.00.

facisism is such a wonderful thing.

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 Fellow vision2020-ites,
 While wandering aimlessly through the internet one day (meaning that I 
 don't remember where I came across it), I found out that Japan has an 
 engine tax.  The smaller and more fuel-efficient the engine, the smaller 
 the tax.  The tax apparently ranges from about $40 to $800 or so 
 annually, iirc.  People who own more than one car would presumably be 
 taxed on both.  In these days of higher gas prices, global warming, and 
 pollution concerns, it seems to me like it could be a good idea for our 
 country to adopt.  We could start with lower numbers and add it in to 
 the registration cost.  That's presuming, I guess, that the registration 
 cost doesn't already include it.  Does anyone know what that amount is 
 comprised of?
 Any thoughts on this?  Is it a good idea?
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