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Michael metzler at moscow.com
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Princess Writes:


Sounds like someone is suffering from a classic case of "Dick Envy." And 

Dave Envy, and Tim Envy, and Robert Envy, and Doug Envy, and Peter Envy, and

.. . .


-- Princess Sushitushi





Princess, Thank you for the very just and reasonable reply to my refutation
of your slanderous misquoting of me.  I wouldn't have expected anything more
than a groundless attack of my moral character and a refusal to address the
evidence and arguments. I had hoped we were making progress of some sort,
but I guess not. As soon as you would like to apologize for the other post,
please let me know.  


For those reading here other than the Kirk Princess, I would recommend
checking out Pooh's Think; there are two interesting issues going on: One is
the very interesting behavior of two "pastors" who consider themselves
"patriarchalists."  Not only have they made a mockery of their conservative
position in the content of their writings, they have simultaneously
expressed their position in significant mistreatment of a number of women -
and then me when I tried to cover the story. They are closely connected with
Christ Church and kirkers have just jumped on their bandwagon as soon as
they came after me.  The other issue is the fascinating tension between
journalism/free speech and men with either money or power trying to silence
it (e.g. Ligonier's law suit); there are interesting sociological aspects to
how this plays out as well as interesting points in philosophy of law.
Wilson has finally commented to this issue, and it is the most slanderous
statement yet made on the world wide web from a web site owner; Wilson is
currently refusing to link to the primary sources of information, which
includes the links to the media's coverage-his name has not faired very well
so far.


Thank You

Michael Metzler

www.poohsthink.com <http://www.poohsthink.com/>  

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