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Tue Sep 19 11:49:50 PDT 2006


Rick Beebe and his group are "planning" to turn the elevators into 
apartments.  The rezone was so he could expand the CBD but also allow for 
residential housing.  The issue with this project is, again, parking.  There 
is none and before it becomes some huge hub of activity, they should be 
required to have the parking in place.

Before those can become living spaces, it is my hope that the health 
department looks them over and clears them from mold, disease and any other 
issue that could potentially be harmful to humans living in something that 
was housing not only food stuffs, but rats, mice and other vermin.  We'll 

I believe the cost may be prohibitive for turning them into living quarters, 
especially considering they were ELEVATORS and not silos as is continually 

It will be interesting to see just what happens to them.  I suspect we will 
eventually hear that they can not do what they planned and the elevators 
will be torn down anyway and new commercial buildings will replace them.  I 
suspect this is just another ruse to get something that mayhap would not 
have gotten approved if done face-on.

We'll see what happens.

Hope that helps.

J  :]

>From: Pennsylvania Place <penn_place_boise at yahoo.com>
>To: vision2020 at moscow.com
>Subject: [Vision2020] grain elevator rezone
>Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 11:18:02 -0700 (PDT)
>I keep seeing chatter about the grain elevator rezone on South Main - can 
>someone explain for those of us late to the party what exactly is going on? 
>Is there a specific use intended for the property? I know it's a great 
>location, but boy oh boy I would hate to see those grain elevators torn 
>down - they are such a part of the Moscow skyline...
>   Anyone know what the property-owners' intentions are? And before anyone 
>jumps on me, I don't intend to chain myself to a bulldozer or anything, 
>it'll just make me sad to lose more of Moscow's agricultural heritage. It'd 
>be neat if the structure could be re-fitted for profitable uses without 
>altering its silo-rific character.
>   thanks
>   Penny
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