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The attorney representing sexual predator/child molester/NSA student James 
Sitler did his job and did it very well, judging the results from HIS 
CLIENT'S POINT OF VIEW.  That attorney's legal and constitutional duty was 
to present HIS CLIENT'S (Sitler's) views on what disposition, punishment, 
etc was appropriate.

FROM THE COMMUNITY'S POINT OF VIEW it was the prosecutor's, law 
enforcement's, and the judge's performances, lack of critical examination, 
follow-through, and naive points of view that brought about the outrageously 
inappropriate sentence in this case and very probably placed other very 
young children at risk in the future.

Public questions and anger should therefore be directed at the prosecutor, 
law enforcement, and the judge, not at the defense attorney who apparently 
was just doing his duty under our advocate system of justice.

I examined the Sitler court file before some of the material now sealed was 
sealed.  In my opinion, the very poor quality of the performance of the 
prosecutor in response to the defense attorney's filings was almost criminal 
in itself.  Especially so of the responses to the filings by Sitler's 
attorney containing a so-called expert witness's opinions.  The lack of and 
poor responses by the prosecutor to these filings may have caused the judge 
to ignore or to downplay the opinions from the state's own sexual 
predator/child molester experts.

Another example:  Why wasn't the judge informed of Sitler's nauseating, 
sick-minded website photographic trophy case containing photos of some of 
his victims?  Was this a failure of the prosecutor, the investigators, or 
both?  It was certainly not the defense attorney's legal duty to bring out 
this evidence.

Let's direct our outrage where it belongs, not at the one whose legal 
obligation is to place Sitler's point of view before the court in the best 
manner possible consistent with the law, court rules, and ethical 
requirements.  The failure in this case was not with the defense attorney. 
It was with various elected or appointed officials.  Unless corrective 
action is taken like a follow-up investigation based on documents currently 
in the prosecutor's possession to find out just when it was FIRST known that 
Sitler was a potential/actual pedophile (and who all knew it), and when and 
how it FIRST discovered he was practicing his filthy craft here in the City 
of Moscow, County of Latah, and exactly what ensued after that, they will be 
vociferously reminded of this failure when it counts -- at election time, 
and perhaps on national TV.

Wayne A. Fox
1009 Karen Lane
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Moscow, ID  83843

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> DJA:
> Sunil was NOT the Public Defender that Sitler had - he had/has a kirker 
> from
> Lewiston that is his attorney.  I am not sure where you got that he
> negotiated the "deal" that Sitler or even Jamin got but he was not.
> While I do not like what some attorneys get away with, i.e. arguing
> technical points that have allowed some defendants/accused persons off, I
> agree with their being able to.  There is always and will always be the
> chance that an innocent is being accused (as you have done here with 
> Sunil)
> and if the steps are not in place to help even ONE of those, then this is 
> a
> lost country.  Again, the system is NOT perfect, but it is better than 
> what
> else is out there.
> I can and do disagree with some of Sunil's positions; howbeit, I do NOT
> think harassing him or impuning his reputation is the right way to go. 
> You
> should be old enough and mature enough to say "I agree to disagree with 
> you
> Sunil" and leave it at that.  But you take things WAY too far and accuse 
> him
> of things he has not said much less done.
> People, *I*, am asking that you just tone down the rhetoric and stick to
> proven, varifiable facts and points of discussion.  Leave the other stuff
> alone because, seriously, that is what is ticking people off.  Whatever 
> you
> may have to say that COULD possibly be worth hearing is getting lost in 
> the
> trash you keep shoving in front.
> Only a suggestion.  Take it - leave it.  I do not care.  But you are 
> really
> on thin ice on some of what you are saying and I think it is time you
> brought it down a bunch.
> J  :(
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