[Vision2020] Notch it down

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 13:12:55 PDT 2006


Sunil was NOT the Public Defender that Sitler had - he had/has a kirker from 
Lewiston that is his attorney.  I am not sure where you got that he 
negotiated the "deal" that Sitler or even Jamin got but he was not.

While I do not like what some attorneys get away with, i.e. arguing 
technical points that have allowed some defendants/accused persons off, I 
agree with their being able to.  There is always and will always be the 
chance that an innocent is being accused (as you have done here with Sunil) 
and if the steps are not in place to help even ONE of those, then this is a 
lost country.  Again, the system is NOT perfect, but it is better than what 
else is out there.

I can and do disagree with some of Sunil's positions; howbeit, I do NOT 
think harassing him or impuning his reputation is the right way to go.  You 
should be old enough and mature enough to say "I agree to disagree with you 
Sunil" and leave it at that.  But you take things WAY too far and accuse him 
of things he has not said much less done.

People, *I*, am asking that you just tone down the rhetoric and stick to 
proven, varifiable facts and points of discussion.  Leave the other stuff 
alone because, seriously, that is what is ticking people off.  Whatever you 
may have to say that COULD possibly be worth hearing is getting lost in the 
trash you keep shoving in front.

Only a suggestion.  Take it - leave it.  I do not care.  But you are really 
on thin ice on some of what you are saying and I think it is time you 
brought it down a bunch.

J  :(

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