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 Me and you obviously don't share the same definition of  what "caring for the community" is, on this and many other issues. I  don't think working to get convicted child molesters to be released  from prison early or go unsupervised through town, caring. 
  I also direct you to reread the definition of slander, which states that something must be UNTRUE for it to be slander. 
  My guess is you are only writting this because you are mad that I let  students know you were part of the Gritman Board that lobbied the State  Legislature to require student to buy student health insurance to save  Grtiman money. That increase raised the cost of attending UI by 25%,  and now look at our student enrollment, we are nearly in default on  many of our loans due to lower enrollment numbers.

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    You  are continuing to dig yourself in a deeper hole of lies, slander and  twisting directed toward people who care a great deal about our  community and our freedom.   Please just STOP!
    B. J. Swanson
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  For someone that claims they do not care what I think or say you sure spend a  lot of time addressing my comments. 
  I NEVER referred to Sunil's defense of terrorists in reference to his  workplace. I was referring to his defense of terrorists on Vision2020,  I think I made that clear, repeatedly. If you read my entire email and  clicked the links I provided you would know that. 

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    First, you are a liar.   You lie that you only attack those who attack you.  
    You launched this recent  character assassination, now joined by Dick 
    Sherwin, after I asked you a  simple question.
    You lie about my opinions and  statements.  Here, picked at random from the 
    list of links you provided,  is one of my posts:  

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