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You are continuing to dig yourself in a deeper hole of lies, slander and
twisting directed toward people who care a great deal about our community
and our freedom.   Please just STOP!


B. J. Swanson



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For someone that claims they do not care what I think or say you sure spend
a lot of time addressing my comments. 

I NEVER referred to Sunil's defense of terrorists in reference to his
workplace. I was referring to his defense of terrorists on Vision2020, I
think I made that clear, repeatedly. If you read my entire email and clicked
the links I provided you would know that. .......



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First, you are a liar.  You lie that you only attack those who attack you.  

You launched this recent character assassination, now joined by Dick 

Sherwin, after I asked you a simple question.


You lie about my opinions and statements.  Here, picked at random from the 

list of links you provided, is one of my posts:  .............



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