[Vision2020] Sunil and His Defense of Terrorists andConvictedChild Molesters

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We need to note that Sunil is an attorney.  In our justice system under our constitution, Sunil is obliged by law and the canons of ethics for attorneys to represent his clients within those laws and canons to the best of his ability.

Attacking Sunil for doing so, whomever his clients are, is attacking the basis of our justice system, our constitution.

Recently one of our Scottish contributors noted the resemblance of the spying on members' activities rife in the Wilson & Family's Christless Cult & Cash Machine -- (You must tolerate us since we do not tolerate anyone else) to the activities of HUAC committee under Joseph McCarthy.  Many peoples lives were ruined by HUAC and Senator McCarthy simply and merely because they exercised their freedom of expression and which expression didn't agree with McCarthy's views.  (The conscientious reader will extrapolate here to the cult reference.)  Many more lives would have been ruined by HUAC if it were not for a few brave attorneys who were called communists and traitors simply because they wished to present their clients' cases in a manner consistent with fairness, law, and due process.

I would be among the last to give a wholesale defense of the members of the bar.  However, the concept of a fair trail at law with due process is in my opinion an essential element of any free society.  In fact, without fair trails under due process, a society cannot be called free.  If a trial is to be fair, then among other things, the accused must be represented by competent counsel.

I don't think Donovan would really disagree with this.  Unfortunately Donovan and his soul-mates like Dale "Blight-Mind" Courtney have such pathetic, joyless lives and are too thick-headed to do anything about them, they can only get their cheap thrills by doing things like making asinine statements about those doing their constitutional duty like Sunil.

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Arnold -


Your statement, here on a public listserve, that Sunil Ramalingam defends convicted child molesters and convicted terrorists, reflects upon your lack of maturity and sense of decency, and in virtually all litigious circles maybe considered libelous.


Name ONE convicted child molester which Sunil has defended!


Name ONE convicted terrorist which Sunil has defended!


Failing either of these requests, you owe Sunil a VERY meaningful and VERY public apology.


Tom Hansen

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"Do you want others scouring your posts for spelling errors?"--Sunil Ramalingam

If it takes time away from your defense of convicted child molesters and terrorists , yes. Or if it takes time away from having to hear more BS about Doug Wilson, yes, I would love for you to spend googles of time correcting my terrible grammer, or is that grammar. 




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