[Vision2020] Open Letter to Larry Craig

Jim Meyer m1e2y3e4 at moscow.com
Fri Sep 15 19:06:21 PDT 2006

Dear Senator Larry Craig,
I am amazed and astounded about how your belief in limited government is 
contradicted by your actions supporting President Bush. After examining 
your web site, I find your actions and priorities to be of limited value 
given the real issues that face Americans in general and Idahoans in 
particular. I see that you make use all the "talking points" you were 
given but you have shown little of your own mind. 

I am just going to speak to one issue, though there are many more. That 
issue is the war in Iraq and the recent report by the Senate 
Intelligence Committee stating that the Bush Administration 
intentionally ignored intelligence and took us to war knowing that 
Saddam had nothing whatsoever to do with 911. As a result, more than 
2600 Americans have been killed in Iraq and more than 20,000 causalities 
have been maimed in an illegal war of aggression that has made America 
weaker, and Americans less safe. Furthermore, due diligence would have 
proved that there were no significant weapons of mass destruction in 
Iraq before his administration ever started the war. Anyone halfway 
informed knows this to be true.

The killing of even a few Americans for a knowingly illegitimate purpose 
is murder, an impeachable offense. The thousands of American deaths, the 
tens of thousands Americans maimed in an illegal war, the billions lost 
to his profiteering buddies, and a general failure to uphold our laws 
and constitution are treasonable offenses.

Where are you on this issue? You appear to be incapable of seeing the 
big picture. I would liken your actions to watering flowers in your yard 
while a forest fire encroaches on your house.  Your country burns while 
you neglect your senatorial responsibility to offset the unreasonable 
abuse of power of the executive branch. 

Have you no sense of responsibility to your constituents and to your 
country? Where is your voice representing the good citizens of Idaho who 
can see the big picture (in spite of the propaganda).

Please show Idahoans you are a man of integrity, not stooge of the 
out-of-control executive branch.


Jim Meyer

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