[Vision2020] Naylor Farms Public hearing

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A little background refresher (with full respect to the memory of Phil


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Sorry Ms. Craine, not buyin' it. The recent dust and smoke we have been 
experiencing was the result of thousands of acres of fire and many more 
thousands of acres being harvested. Not the few hundred acres of a fairly 
small clay operation. Also to compare Naylor farms to a mining operation of 
the magnitude of the silver valley is some what disingenuous. I am also 
fairly sure that the toxicity generated there had very little to do with 
airborne dirt settling over the area. The problem was airborne lead, 
arsenic, cadmium and other heavy metals that are not present, to my 
knowledge, at the Naylor farms site. So far, I'm hearing heebie-jeebie scare

stories, exaggeration, and not in my backyard moaning and nothing 
approaching facts. Perhaps I could try again and ask, what is it that our 
esteemed physicians see as the major health risk from Naylor farms? I know I

could go to farmers market and ask a fairly biased group what they think but

I just thought that since Bruce brought it to the forum and the MCA was so 
staunchly behind them, that perhaps, someone could bring a little more info 
to the forum.


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