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> From: Craine Kit <kcraine at verizon.net>
> Date: September 15, 2006 10:11:09 AM PDT
> To: moscow vision 2020 <vision2020 at moscow.com>
> Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Naylor Farms Public hearing
> Gary,
> Mining is more injurious to public health than farming because of  
> the difference in duration of the effects. It only takes a day or  
> two to plow, plant, weed, or harvest the requested area. These  
> activities take place at times that are separated by weeks of non- 
> activity. Naylor is requesting permission to create dust twenty  
> hours a day for eight months a year for about sixty years. The  
> result of full-time activities will have adverse impacts that are  
> immeasurably greater than farming.
> To put it in perspective, imagine a cloud of dust and haze like  
> we've had lately, then imagine living with that 24/7/365 for  
> generations. That's what happened in the Wallace-Kellogg area. The  
> result was toxic dust settling over the entire valley. So far, we  
> the taxpayers have spent millions of dollars attempting to cleanup  
> that Superfund site so people can live there without putting their  
> health at risk.
> How much are you, personally, willing to pay in taxes (and for  
> things like air conditioning your house because you have to seal  
> the windows to keep the dust out) to deal with the effects of  
> Naylor's operation?
> Kit Craine
> On Sep 15, 2006, at 5:55 AM, g. crabtree wrote:
>> In what way would a small mining operation be more injurious to  
>> the public health than an commensurately sized agricultural use?  
>> An unsupported assertion by 340 doctors isn't very compelling,  
>> much less 34. Farms create dust and generate truck traffic, not to  
>> mention the potential hazard from aerially applied pesticides. Why  
>> should I lend any special credence to this proclamation?
>> gc
>> From: Bruce and Jean Livingston
>> To: moscow vision 2020
>> Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2006 8:55 PM
>> Subject: [Vision2020] Naylor Farms Public hearing
>> A very important public hearing will take place at 6 p.m. on  
>> Monday Sept. 25 in the Moscow High School Auditorium.  The subject  
>> is the Naylor Farms application for a conditional use permit to  
>> operate a strip mine for clay, sand and gravel on its 640 acre  
>> farm that is located a mile and a half north of Moscow.  The  
>> proposed hours of operation are long, the water is not available  
>> or permitted at this time, and without water, the dust will  
>> undoubtedly be an issue.
>> I write as President of the Moscow Civic Association and on behalf  
>> of the MCA Board, and also as a Board member of the Latah Economic  
>> Development Council, though expressly not on behalf of the LEDC,  
>> which has not discussed the matter explicitly.
>> The MCA Board has taken a formal position against the Naylor's  
>> request for a conditional use permit to operate its proposed  
>> mining business.  Numerous reasons to oppose this application were  
>> apparent to us.  It makes growth of the kind we want to encourage  
>> less likely.  It brings pollution on the neighbors and town, and  
>> high volumes of heavy truck traffic to our highways and roads.   
>> Moreover, the Naylor mining operation will likely only create  
>> temporary, low-paid jobs.  And it will do so at the expense the  
>> Moscow-Pullman region's efforts to recruit and retain high paying  
>> businesses and entrepreneurs to our "Knowledge Corridor,"  
>> employers that value our community's intellectual, research, and  
>> quality-of-life assets.
>> Our opposition to this application cannot be lumped into the  
>> "crazed environmentalist" or "anti-growth" mis-characterization  
>> that misguided defenders of developers' rights always seem to  
>> assert without considering the private property rights of  
>> adversely affected neighbors.  Please note the following health- 
>> related opposition to the Naylor Farms proposal recently published  
>> in a letter to the editor from 34 local doctors:
>> From the Wednesday Sept. 13 Moscow Pullman Daily News:
>> Say ‘no’ to Naylor Farms mining permit
>> Naylor Farms LLC has applied for a conditional use permit to  
>> create a large scale clay (Kaolinite), sand and gravel strip  
>> mining and processing operation just 1.5 miles north of Moscow.  
>> We, the undersigned physicians of Moscow and Pullman, are  
>> extremely concerned about the long-term health effects to the  
>> surrounding population and strongly oppose this conditional use  
>> permit.
>> We encourage all residents to sign a petition at the Farmers  
>> Market, donate, volunteer and be proactive in preventing this  
>> potential environmental disaster.
>> The hearing for this permit will be at 6 p.m. Sept. 25 at the  
>> Moscow High School auditorium. All written correspondence must be  
>> received at the Latah County Courthouse by Tuesday to be considered.
>> Contact your county commissioners and attend this meeting.
>> Your voice is important to clearly say “yes” to farming and “no”  
>> to Naylor strip mining. Please visit protectourpalouse.com or  
>> protectourwater.net for additional information.
>> Working together to protect your health.
>> Christopher Reisenauer MD/John Grauke MD/Robert Wiggins MD
>> This letter also was signed by 31 other physicians.
>> The Moscow Civic Association likewise opposes the Naylor Farms  
>> application and concurs with our community's doctors.  We  
>> recommend that you make known to our county commissioners that you  
>> oppose the Naylor Farms application.  Whether the most compelling  
>> reason to you is Naylor's negative effects on our health,  
>> deleterious effects on our economic well-being, the harm to future  
>> development of well paying, non-polluting businesses that enhance  
>> rather than hurt our quality of life, the Hobson's Choice of  
>> choosing whether to hurt our air or water supply, or whatever  
>> other reason that you may have, please appear and speak briefly in  
>> opposition to the Naylor Farms application.  We encourage and  
>> implore you to attend this important public hearing and briefly  
>> state any reason you have for opposing this unwise and harmful  
>> addition to our community.
>> Bruce Livingston, President, on behalf of the Board of Directors  
>> of the Moscow Civic Association
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