[Vision2020] Naylor Farms Public hearing

Robert Dickow dickow at uidaho.edu
Fri Sep 15 09:18:16 PDT 2006

Hey folks, Why not simply GIVE Naylor Farms a permit to create their strip
mine? Just put on a condition: They must escrow funds or otherwise guarantee
that the hole that they leave behind be filled with water and developed into
a public recreation area.

I have often said that the only thing standing in the way of Moscow having a
thriving tourism industry is its lack of a nearby lake or river.

A viable and attractive alternative to Naylor farms would be to take up
Edward Teller's plan once again as a solution to our tourism problem.
Teller--father of the H-Bomb, seriously proposed that several large fusion
devices be used to vaporize sections of the Alaska coastline in order to
develope new ports. That would also work here in Latah County, -- the
proposed Naylor site would be a perfect location for the thermonuclear
(...or is it 'thermonucular?') detonation. Being over the shallow acquifer,
it would probably fill up with water all on its own. And then, in as little
as 250,000 years, we could all be enjoying boating, fishing, swimming, etc.,
just 10 minutes from town.

Bob Dickow, troublemaker

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> At this stage I am not making an argument, I am asking a question. An
> assertion was made on this forum with nothing to back it up. To compare
> dust from the proposed Naylor farms operation to a toxic waste dump <snip>

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