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Ms. Place,

My goodness, I hardly know where to begin. For starters, PLEASE do not confuse or conflate me with Wayne Fox. (Art Deco) The only thing that we have in common is that we are both willing to express our opinions over our own names and breathing. Beyond that I doubt that you could find two people on the Palouse who are further apart in outlook. I do not care where you worship. (or don't) I don't care if you respect Doug Wilson or revile him. I don't care where or what you eat. I am uninterested in where you live, shop or ride your bike. If you had been paying any attention at all on this forum you would know that expressing your ideological purity in the form of anti Wal-Mart statements and denunciations of all things Christ Church isn't going to cut any kind of ice as far as I'm concerned. Wayne might be thrilled but he won't believe that you're not part of a larger conspiracy and there in lies one of our many differences.

My only problem with you (aside from your rhetorical excesses) stems from your penchant for hurling bricks from  the safety of a pseudonym. In your example of a conversation you might have with a person you meet on the street, that person you talk to has the advantage of being able to evaluate the source of the disparagement based on any number of factors, not the least of which is your character. Please don't get me wrong, I am surely not the arbiter of the rules for this playground and you can castigate and complain all you like, as far as I'm concerned. Just don't expect to be taken as seriously as if you were a real person and not just an noxious vapor trail flitting across our monitors. Hiding under the cover of "I'm just a tiny, frightened, little girl" doesn't provide much substance or excuse.

Gary Crabtree

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  I have a quick question about Vision2020 policy. I was taken to task recently for several things I said. What bothered me the most about this dressing down (other than being accused of being "Surely Pissedoff" - actually, I am Jackie Woolf, don't you know?)  was that it is seen by some to be "against the rules" to name names about local "reputable" businesses that I have a problem with. 

  Is this not a public forum for discussing Moscow? If I have a conversation with someone on the street, I am not going to say "I got screwed by a certain apartment rental company that misled my family and cost us hundred of dollars needlessly," I am going to say who they were so they don't get screwed, too. If I am talking about a recently closed Italian place, I am not going to say "that restaurant that used to be in the Moscow Hotel," I am going to say "Basilio's." And how, exactly, is it better to say "The place that used to be in the Moscow Hotel" when we all know exactly what is being talked about?

  I am very committed to local businesses - I would say 90% of my "shopping" is done with local or regional merchants. I don't shop at Wal-Mart, or Hastings, or any of the junk food greasy drive-ins. I champion my favorites stores happily - but likewise, I let people know when a local business is not worth my money. Why should vision2020 be any different?

  Someone accused me of bashing anti-Kirker businesses exclusively. Considering I keep being accused of being a Kirker by others, that just makes me feel like I'm getting it in the front AND the rear. For the record:

  1) I complained about Palouse Properties because they screwed my family, and have screwed several of my friends. Anyone wants to know the specifics, I will gladly provide them.

  2) I pointed out that I quit going to Basilio's not because I couldn't park there, but because the food was mediocre and the service was crappy. I never claimed it should be a gourmet place as someone seemed to think, but I expect food I pay for to be a) better than "from the can", and b) better than what I would cook at home. 

  3) I patronized Gambino's for 15 years before I walked away for the last time. Gambino's was a special place for my family, but after Pops died it went into the toilet. It was filthy on the inside, the servers (other than one long-time server, I forget her name but she was from Genessee) were terrible, and there were thugs smoking cigarettes outside the front door all the time. I can excuse a lot of faults at an eatery, but I *WILL NOT* tolerate filth. 

  So, according to Mr. Crabtree, my complaints about these businesses are somehow directed by Doug Wilson, whose thigh I am stroking as I type this, by the way. Well, Mr. Crabtree, would you like to know that I have not spent one dollar at Bucer's, West of Paris, Live Lovely, or any other place they own? Why? For one thing, I don't like ZEALOTS of any kind, be they religious or anti-religious. Second of all, I don't have the disposable income to eat french food or buy Le Crueset cookware. And I don't like the way it feels to step into a coffee shop dominated by bearded middle-aged men and glowing, skirted young dainties.

  So, what part of the unwritten rules do I not understand? Seems to me vision2020 should be a good place to speak about our COMMUNITY here in MOSCOW. If discussion is going to center on the War in Iraq, George Bush, Global Warming, or Professional Sports, what is the effing point of this forum? We can get all that other stuff on any news or discussion site on the entire internet. If we do not discuss Moscow/Palouse specifics here, we are ALL just wasting our precious time. Or at least I am. Lord knows I would rather be bathing nude with Art Deco and G Crabtree. Preferably at the same time.They are both such manly, dignified men.


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