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No,  YOU stop.

We all have our frame of reference, Keely, ours as legitimate as yours.  I 
never got the impression that Ford was unable to distinguish between the 
Duncan's and the Uncle Bucky's.  J's point seemed unambiguous to me:  Those 
who are caught committing "lesser" offenses have in the majority of cases, a 
lengthy history of undiscovered past crimes against children, many of a 
greater degree of severity, including even murder.  Only an idiot believes 
that confirmed pedophiles can be rehabilitated any more than Hugh Hefner 
could be induced to surround himself with svelte young males.

You say that "perhaps" she has lumped these categories together, when it is 
you who have introduced that suggestion.

Yes, Sunil certainly speaks as a defense attorney and enabler of the 
sociopathic predator.  Consistently focused on the plight of the perp rather 
than the victim.  Had he the passion for justice you so naively proclaim, he 
would immediately direct ALL his energies toward the defense of young 
victims rather than their tormentors.

And, you nasty little twit, my "PROFESSED CONCERN FOR CHILDREN" is BELIED BY 
NOTHING!!  Do your research sister.  I have joint custody of 3 healthy and 
well adjusted kids.  Anyone who knows me will tell you what a damned good 
father I have been to them!  Guaranteed, any gump who makes a play for one 
of them will have to contend with my lean and capable teenage son and a very 
protective and well-trained, 220 pound father.

Have a nice Goddamned day,  --Tony----- Original Message ----- 
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> OK, stop.
> Assuming that no one need defend Sunil's place as a member of civilized 
> society, could we re-frame the debate?  J Ford feels that rape and 
> molestation can leave scars -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually -- 
> that kill something of essence in a victim's very being, resulting in a 
> form of "living" death that causes more suffering than purely organic 
> death.  In her passion to make the point, she has perhaps lumped the 
> horror of Uncle Bucky feeling up his young neice -- and that is a 
> horror -- with actual rape, murder, and other indisputably horrific acts. 
> All, she says, can result in intense, lifelong, unremitting grief, anger, 
> and pain.  Bucky ought to be put away for such an offense, and yet most of 
> us can see that while he is a vile, loathsome worm, he is probably not a 
> danger to society in the same way Joseph Duncan is and should be dealt 
> with differently.
> J speaks from one platform, as someone who likely knows people who have 
> suffered in this way; witnessing their pain energizes his/her passion in 
> addressing the idea that perhaps sexual abuse is "no big deal" compared to 
> murder -- which Sunil didn't suggest.  And Sunil, speaking as a lawyer and 
> defender of the American legal system, makes the very valid point that 
> black-and-white pronouncements legislated in order to make things 
> scrupulously fair usually make things terribly skewed, resulting in 
> injustice equal to or greater than what was originally hoped to be 
> remedied. He has a passion for justice, for honoring the law as applied to 
> specific cases involving specific people.  For him -- as would be the case 
> with most of us -- the term "sexual activity with a child," for example, 
> is very different when it involves a 19-year-old man and his 16-year-old 
> girlfriend; the prohibition against adults having sex with children likely 
> was meant to address something else, no matter how immoral and unwise the 
> 19-year-old's behavior is.  Sunil wisely argues that justice is un- just 
> when it's not tempered with perspective, reason, and a consideration of 
> circumstances both aggravating and mitigating.
> Tony, on the other hand, professes a concern for children and victims of 
> sexual abuse that is belied by his nastiness and coarseness in virtually 
> every communication, and his entry into the arena is, for me, a sign that 
> it's probably time to move on.
> keely
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> [Vision2020]CoetransferredtospecialcommitmentcenteronMcNeilIsland
> Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 02:53:46 -0700
> Sunil, you might want to reconsider J's point regarding Duncan.  One can
> certainly be murdered spiritually as well as physically.....  The forced
> rape of a little child can permanently handicap that innocent youngster 
> both
> emotionally and in terms of physical response, permanently preventing them
> from experiencing the simple joys that a life is composed of.  Is this not
> in fact a form of soul murder?    J makes a valid and compassionate point
> here and it would behoove you, as a member of civilized society, to
> acknowledge it.
> Best,  --Tony
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> From: "Sunil Ramalingam" <sunilramalingam at hotmail.com>
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> Sent: Saturday, September 09, 2006 5:24 PM
> Subject: Re: [Vision2020]
> CoetransferredtospecialcommitmentcenteronMcNeilIsland
> > Duncan is alleged to be a serial killer as well as a child molester. 
> > You
> > claim he's close to average for a sex offender and then claim I'm being
> > obtuse?  Please! That's a ridiculous position to take.  No, it's 
> > asinine,
> > absolute nonsense.
> >
> > Please do not compare murder to molestation and claim they're the same.
> > Most people can tell they're two separate crimes, with the former being
> > worse.
> >
> > I don't think the only practice providing treatment to sex offenders,
> > which
> > is based in Clarkston, would come here to provide treatment to one
> person.
> > If I'm wrong, which is possible, then there would be no reason to let
> > Sitler
> > out for treatment.  If they won't come here, then this is a reason to
> > allow
> > him to go to Clarkston for treatment.
> >
> > It's obtuse to claim Coe is having his way when he is going to the
> > facility
> > where the state wishes to keep him what appears to be the rest of his
> > life,
> > in order to prepare for the hearing that will determine his future.
> >
> > Actually, prison provides numerous opportunities to victimize others.
> >
> > Sunil
> >
> >>From: "J Ford" <privatejf32 at hotmail.com>
> >>To: vision2020 at moscow.com
> >>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Coe
> >>transferredtospecialcommitmentcenteronMcNeilIsland
> >>Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 16:05:46 -0700
> >>
> >>Ok, now you're being purposefully obtuse.  There is no way I can say,
> >>without taking a poll, what provider would be willing, or not, to go to
> >>the
> >>jail and offer treatment.  What I can say is that the ones I have talked
> >>to
> >>in a casual manner, have said they have never been asked by the court,
> >>they
> >>have just been asked or ordered to provide the "treatment" and told the
> >>prisoner will come to them.  And no, I will not provide those names as
> you
> >>know very well that confidentiality prohibits me from doing that.
> >>
> >>Coe, through his attorney, requested that he be transferred out of
> Spokane
> >>to a specific facility.  It was COE's choice and the court went with it.
> >>
> >>Duncan is more along the lines of the average molester than you'd like 
> >>to
> >>admit.  Difference is, he got caught.  Whether they kill their victims 
> >>or
> >>kill what childhood the victim may have had, the violator has committed 
> >>a
> >>deadly sin and should be punished accordingly.  Penny's idea of
> sentencing
> >>them to 25-life right out of the gate makes more sense than 15, with 
> >>time
> >>off for "good" behavior.  How else are they gonna act in prison than
> >>"good"
> >>since there is no opportunity to victimize anyone?
> >>
> >>
> >>J  :]
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
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