[Vision2020] Keely clucks along.......

donald huskey donaldrose at cpcinternet.com
Mon Sep 11 11:04:35 PDT 2006


I have avoided responding to any posts by Tony Simpson because he is,
frankly speaking, a belligerent asshole.  However, he has gone a bridge to
far this time.  

Sunil is upholding the constitution (which no doubt Mr. Simpson claims to
love) in a way that is simply beyond Tony's understanding - not to mention
his educational background and training.  

Attorneys, especially those who have the guts to serve as public defenders,
don't have the luxury of picking their clients. Further, I have yet to meet
one that thinks criminal behavior is acceptable.  The issue is not the
alleged crime it is the constitutional right to a defense. A nuance,
understandable to most forth graders but obviously beyond Tony Simpson's
intellectual grasp. 

Simpson's claim of being a "damned good father" (as anyone who knows him
will verify) is reminiscent of a similar claim made by a equally belligerent
jackass I know. And, undoubtedly, equally false.  What is abundantly clear
to well balanced members of V2020 is that people who are as mean-spirited,
blasphemous, and ignorant as Tony Simpson are not much "damn" good at
anything and on some level they even know it themselves.

Rose Huskey

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