[Vision2020] From whence cometh the foie gras?

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Rumor response...
again, here's the mantra: The Moscow Food Co-op does not sell foie gras.  Never has.  Never will.

The Co-op has a clear commitment to selling only meat that has been raised in a humane fashion.  If you want to know specific information about the sources of the meat sold at the Co-op, go to the meat department and talk to Scott Jaklin (meat manager).  Scott has reams of information, affidavits, certification, etc on all the sources.

Of course it is possible that the owners of West of Paris purchased various ingredients at the Co-op for their restaurant.  It would make sense.  The Co-op is near his restaurant, carries high-quality food and fresh organic produce.  However, just to make my point again.....


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  Rumor Alert, Vizzz peeps,


  I heard somewhere sometime somehow in town today that Francis Foucachon and West of Paris obtained part of the foie gras he was serving at his restaurant from the Moscow Food Co-Op.  


  I'm not puling this out of thin air, but sources have chosen to remain anonymous.  Maybe Monsieur Foucachon or someone from the Co-Op can either confirm or deny this allegation.  


  It's interesting, if nothing else.




  P.S.  Anyone else notice how fun it is to say "Foucachon"?  Go ahead, say it out loud.  Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?


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