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g. crabtree jampot at adelphia.net
Sat Sep 2 09:38:01 PDT 2006

It appears to be something of a toss up as to who is more  obviously disturbed. At least Jackie comes right out with whatever silly nonsense she has to proclaim to the community. A tactic I find more honest then Wayne's rancid rumor and innuendo, liberally seasoned with outright, reeking B.S. Perhaps the two of then could get together and receive group rates on overcoming their obsessions and delusions. They might even want to give hansen and anti-E a jingle. This way once they're feeling better they can play pinochle with all their new found free time.

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  It appears to me, and I am sure most other non-members of the Wilson & Family's Christless Cult & Cash Machine, that it is not J Ford who is disturbed but those who are the objects of her investigations/revelations and their blind, mindless followers.  We see what a bunch of liars, hypocrites, snobs, self-deceivers and witless boobies they are.

  Since you are apparently in the free advice giving mode, perhaps you might like to pass on the following comments to whom you might think it of possible benefit:

  1.    When using a cut-out to hide/stash cash (whether the cash is/was taken legally or not/whether all due taxes were paid on the cash or not), the hider is always at the mercy of the cut-out.  The hider cannot expose the cut-out without exposing themselves.  Hence, the cut-out can help themselves to an even greater share (or everything) than originally agreed upon.  Even if both are exposed, it is generally the hider, especially if the hider is a religious professional, who suffers worst in the criminal and tax courts.

  2.    If (A) a religious professional has engaged and continues to engage in extra-curricular activities (and part of whose activities in this regard helped to break up a marriage of very long standing), (B) if the religious professional justifies the break up of that marriage by a totally bastardized interpretation of an obscure scriptural passage, (C) if the truth about the religious professional is found out by the honest, god-fearing members of his flock, and (D) if the religious professional has recently almost destroyed the lives of two people who were part of his empire and who engaged in the same kind of extra-curricular activities, then that religious professional is likely to suffer some devastating/humiliating financial, social, and professional consequences in the long run once the honest, god-fearing members of his flock understand their duty is to their alleged god first, and certainly not to the religious professional.

  3.    With reference to the above referenced extra-curricular activities, the wife of the religious professional has him by the balls once she becomes aware of these extra-curricular activities.  She can ask for and receive anything she wants since with her special knowledge of his past behaviors in many regards, she has the power to destroy the empire which suckles this religious professional.  If the level of community knowledge of and gossip about the religious professional's extra-curricular activities gets to an unbearable volume/pitch for the wife, the wife can then always take the majority of the family assets in a divorce settlement by agreeing not to tell all she knows.  (She will also then be free to seek a much freer, much more joyous life.)

  4.    A member of a Christian congregation does not need the permission of the congregation or its professional religious leader to leave that congregation.  The Christian Covenant is between the individual and their alleged god, not between them and some self-serving, self-appointed go-between(s).  Hence, once a member of a congregation realizes that the ways of the congregation and the ways of Christ are not only very different but antithetical, that member not only can just leave at will, but, if they are true believers in Christ, they will gladly leave to find a more suitable religious haven.

  5.    If Latah County ever gets an objective prosecutor with guts and ability, then perhaps past horrendous sexual abuse crimes (maybe over 100 instances of such) in which the religious professional was an involved figure in some way can be re-investigated with the help of a magistrate's inquiry or a grand jury.  Perhaps there will be some people who will then tell the whole truth under oath to their alleged god.  Who knows what further crimes might be charged as a result of such investigations?

  Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
  deco at moscow.com

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  Art Deco - I think it's wrong to "egg on" someone who obviously is disturbed. This is not normal behavior and if anything we should hope and pray she gets help.

  p.s.  your emails are much more easier to read when you write in standard black font


    From:  "J Ford" <privatejf32 at hotmail.com>
    To:  vision2020 at moscow.com
    Subject:  Re: [Vision2020] Public Information
    Date:  Fri, 01 Sep 2006 01:04:37 -0700
    >Will do.....and thanks.
    >Fair warning, Dougie-boy and sportsboyzfromthekirkhood!
    >Now, where did I put that Polaroid!
    >J  :]
    >>From: "Art Deco" <deco at moscow.com>
    >>To: "Vision 2020" <vision2020 at moscow.com>
    >>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Public Information
    >>Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 21:08:14 -0700
    >>David Williams writes:
    >>"Well, I can tell you that many of us would feel publicly safer and 
    >>aware if you'd just quit snooping."
    >>I am sure your rotund, beady-eyed Cultmaster really feels this way. 
    >>  He's
    >>starting to look a little ill and paranoid.  Hanging like piñata, 
    >>he doesn't
    >>know when all the different canes are going to strike.  May be it 
    >>will be
    >>arranged so that several strike at the same time.
    >>J Ford:  Please keep it up.  The ovine miscreants in the cult, 
    >>those leading it, are getting worried now that more of the 
    >>community will
    >>see what a bunch of pathetic hypocrites and flimflamers they really 
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    >>From: "David Williams" <davidwilliams365 at hotmail.com>
    >>To: <privatejf32 at hotmail.com>; <vision2020 at moscow.com>
    >>Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 8:45 AM
    >>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Public Information
    >> > You continually miss the point.  You're creepiness has nothing 
    >>to do with
    >> > the legality of your inquiries into Doug's life.  It has 
    >>everything to do
    >> > with your constant, obsessive background checks on everyone.  
    >>You claim
    >> > that
    >> > you're doing this for public safety and awareness?  Well, I can 
    >>tell you
    >> > that many of us would feel publicly safer and more aware if 
    >>you'd just
    >> > quit
    >> > snooping.  Or maybe if we knew who you were, so that we could 
    >>steer clear
    >> > of
    >> > camera flashes from the bushes.
    >> >
    >> > DW
    >> >
    >> >>From: "J Ford" <privatejf32 at hotmail.com>
    >> >>To: vision2020 at moscow.com
    >> >>Subject: [Vision2020] Public Information
    >> >>Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:13:15 -0700
    >> >>
    >> >>To make things clear, as the sportsboyzfromthekirkhood are 
    >> >>confused (SURPRISE!) about things:
    >> >>
    >> >>The information of ANY business in the State of Idaho that is 
    >>legit is
    >> >>registered.  Any contractor, construction/demolition, 
    >>electrician, etc.
    >> >>HAS
    >> >>to have a license with the State of IDAHO (cannae have one with 
    >> >>state and attempt to work here.)  It is for public safety and 
    >> >>that
    >> >>that is the case (this is otherwise known as "accountability" - 
    >> >>that is foreign to the kirkhood, I realize.)  In that light, ANY 
    >>of that
    >> >>information is available on line and through calling those 
    >>offices or
    >> >>going
    >> >>to see them.  I have NOT violated ANY person/business by looking 
    >>up these
    >> >>things, I have NOT gone onto anyone's property, I have NOT 
    >>listed anyone's
    >> >>children's name, I have NOT listed anyone's address or even 
    >>their business
    >> >>address.
    >> >>
    >> >>Farris has PUBLICLY stated he works for and does demolition work 
    >>for Mike
    >> >>Hoffmann as well as other people.  In the same vane, Hoffmann 
    >>has made
    >> >>PUBLIC application for building projects he is now abandoning 
    >>and claiming
    >> >>it is the fault of the City that he has to.
    >> >>
    >> >>It is NOT my fault that they got caught lying and/or cheating 
    >>the people
    >> >>of
    >> >>this State and City who (unlike Farris, et al) DO do things the 
    >>way the
    >> >>law
    >> >>prescribes.  If Farris/Hoffmann/Wilson want things kept out of 
    >>the public
    >> >>eye, I would STRONGLY suggest they stop putting themselves in 
    >>the public
    >> >>eye.  Stop posting or having the sportsboyzfromthekirkhood 
    >> >>certainly in the line of disclosures or by making 
    >> >>accusations about people, under the "Subject" of discussion.
    >> >>
    >> >>And in view of public issues affecting public safety:
    >> >>
    >> >>Sitler is due to get out in May 2007, with a life-time of 
    >>probation.  He
    >> >>is
    >> >>also ordered to not be in any area that would have children in 
    >>mass or
    >> >>alone, withOUT a court-approved chaperone.  So, Dougie - who's 
    >>gonna be
    >> >>the
    >> >>chaperone while Sitler is at church?  Oooo, I know - Jamin?  
    >>Nah, he was
    >> >>not
    >> >>convicted of a "child sex crime" per se, but we all know that's 
    >>what he
    >> >>did,
    >> >>right?  Again, this is ALL public information.
    >> >>
    >> >>
    >> >>
    >> >>J  :]
    >> >>
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