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Fictional scenario:  Local attorney Craig Wickeson (without invitation)
enters the legal boundaries of private property belonging to Jay Fyord.  Jay
Fyord instructs Craig Wickeson to leave.  Attorney Craig Wickeson refuses.


Question 1:  Is Attorney Craig Wickeson guilty of trespass?


Question 2: Would Jay Fyord be justified in contacting the local authorities
to report this alleged trespass?


Question 3:  Should Jay Fyord simply file a complaint at the local police
station, suggesting that the police not investigate but keep a record of the
complaint, citing Attorney Craig Wickeson as a person of interest.


Inquiring minds want to know.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


"Only by going too far can one possibly find out how far one can go."

- Jon Dyer 


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It appears to be something of a toss up as to who is more  obviously
disturbed. At least Jackie comes right out with whatever silly nonsense she
has to proclaim to the community. A tactic I find more honest then Wayne's
rancid rumor and innuendo, liberally seasoned with outright, reeking B.S.
Perhaps the two of then could get together and receive group rates on
overcoming their obsessions and delusions. They might even want to give
hansen and anti-E a jingle. This way once they're feeling better they can
play pinochle with all their new found free time.



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