[Vision2020] shamelessness

Douglas Wilson dougwils at christkirk.com
Tue Jun 6 21:58:31 PDT 2006


Let's take just one thing at a time. J. Ford claims that I knew about 
Steven Sitler's activities for two years without doing anything about 
it. In the real world, where all this actually happened, the civil 
authorities were contacted immediately, and no children were endangered 
by him from that moment to this. Steven left Moscow immediately, and was 
allowed by the civil authorities to wait for his trial in his home town, 
which is why the people there were informed right away. When people here 
needed to be informed, they were -- by responsible people who put the 
interests of the victims and their families first, unlike Ford, Metzler, 
and the cohort of anonymous cowards who post to Metzler's blog.

So I want to put this question to Moscow's progressives and liberals who 
have watched a mania about me on the part of some become an unhealthy 
public obsession. This mania is about to chew up some innocent people. 
Do you approve of this behavior? What is your mechanism for dealing with 
this kind of manufactured libel, all wool and a yard wide? Bill London, 
you are the quasi-moderator here. Does your commitment to free speech on 
this forum have any way of protecting the victims in this tragedy? What 
are you going to do to keep one of the crazies here from posting their 
names, all for the sake of making some obscure and telling point against 
me? What responsibility does FirstStep have to protect the victims' 
names? What responsibility does this forum have when one member of it 
accuses someone of complicity in perverse and criminal activity for two 
years, when what was actually done was to involve the police 
immediately? Does J. Ford's libelous post get to just remain there? Is 
anybody going to do anything about this? Are you people totally without 

To all those who have been discussing this enthusiastically, with about 
a third of the facts, and /those /creatively arranged, I would make this 
request. Michael Metzler, J. Ford, all you visionaries, this is a 
request I am making on behalf of the victims' families. Please stop this 
discussion right now. Drop it. All you are doing is gearing up for the 
second round of abuse. Sitler provided the first round, and godless 
chatter here and elsewhere is providing the second. When I talked to the 
victims' parents about what Michael Metzler had done on his blog, and 
what was being done here, do you think the response from them was more 
like, "Oh, good," or "Oh, no"? Which response do you think it was? 
Honestly, which? If you guessed the latter, you would be right, and that 
should dictate what those with any sense of decency remaining will not 
write about from here on out. Once again, the victims families feel 
quite helpless, and Metzler's blog and this forum are the reason for it. 
Do the right thing.

Douglas Wilson

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