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First of all Mrs. Huskey, I never claimed to be Ed Cooper; I always signed my posts as "Ed." I've had the email address ecooper for a coon's age as a precaution. I'm certain that my explanation to counter all your spiteful, hateful and sardonic allegations will be a waste of time-but I believe one is warranted. 


Me, as a "paranoid doofus"?. hmm, well, when an innocent utterance (reality) such as, "white privilege is a myth," gets you in hot water with the university and subsequently threatened with expulsion, one has to be careful what he/she says.yes, I had an opinion and was severely chastised for expressing it. Until I have diploma in hand, I intend treading carefully..


About me wanting fame..that accusation is ludicrous. I pleaded with the university to do the right thing (let me have an opinion that is reflective of my personal beliefs), they said nay. Further, they said I must embrace the stereotypical liberal-progressive mindset (social justice mantra...and more) or I would not be suitable to teach children. My last resort was to contact FIRE (as you well know); and it was they who schooled WSU in Constitutional Law 101, which ultimately kept me in the Teacher Education Program. I not once contacted news agencies; they contacted me. I turned down scores of interviews and radio talk shows; I had no desire to be in the limelight. I had an attorney that specializes in Constitutional law contact me wanting to sue to university; I said that I do have no desire capitalize on this ordeal. I simply wanted the freedom to exercise my First Amendment rights. People that sue for stupid reasons irritate me; I would not lower myself to that level. 


Mrs. Huskey screeches: "I'm challenging you here and now Ed: if you have some genuine, verifiable piece of evidence that you were mistreated by "overzealous and vindictive pontificates," then produce it."  

I will gladly show anyone, one-on-one, every stitch of documentation that I have regarding my case. I have shown liberal friends that were flabbergasted. I'm not ashamed of anything I've said or written. Moreover, I realize that you will find this hard to believe, but I'm not always right either. During a student affairs meeting, I was told to remove the fact that I am a Christian from my philosophy statement. I was also told that a conservative-themed T-shirt would never be appropriate in public if I were to become a teacher. I thought I had time warped to 1984 (the novel).. I petitioned the university to allow me to record my meeting with faculty; they declined. I have nothing to hide; they obviously have. I have retained every written racist remark made (by instructors) on my term papers and assignments, I have all my dispositions evaluations-yes, those that I failed because I subscribe to a different political and moral paradigm. I even have copies of a several libelous letters/narratives that were surreptitiously inserted into my student file. Boy, the morals one must have to do that...


Mrs. Huskey, you know I despise homosexual activity. But, if you were harassed, as I was, by the College of Education for your belief system, I would side with you; the law is the law...Obviously, you're a well educated person who has something to offer to the rest of the world. So, hypothetically, if you were a teacher, and my children were in your classroom, I wouldn't want them to hear anything about your sexual preference, your girlfriend, wife/husband (?), or anything else remotely related to homosexuality.that's simply a theme irrelevant to teaching any subject. I would expect you to educate them in relevant subject matter however. But, that's my opinion. 


The "lesbian atheist"? I'm not into naming names. Although she infuriated me, I'm not a vindictive person and wish not to defame her. I knew she was a lesbian-I won't even go into the stereotypical manifestations that alerted me to her sexual preference.  In retrospect, she might not be an Atheist. I analyzed her hateful rhetoric during our conversation, using my availability heuristics, and made an educated guess. See, I'm not always right.


Mrs. Huskey spews yet another piece of salvo: "If you've got proof, then make it public.  Publish it.  Flaunt it.  Rent a billboard.  Otherwise, stuff a biscuit in it." Let me reiterate my ramblings: I have no desire to seek monetary windfalls or fame. I simply want the freedom to express my opinion without fear of retaliation or persecution--and how dare you tell me what I should do with my personal effects. Your command to me doesn't match your holier-than-thou claims.Lastly, you want a biscuit stuffed in it, do it yourself.  The Mrs., still foaming at the mouth, queries more information (perhaps some she couldn't acquire via pillow talk {malaise is now setting in}) , "Will any of your fellow education students vouch for You"?            Certainly, they all will. It's funny you should ask. I didn't share my battle with many while on campus; but those I did share with were all shocked. None of them heard, in their words, anything from me that warranted me being in trouble, so it was surprise to them when I filled them in. A couple acquaintances in my cohort group commented, during our discussion, that the instructors seemed to call on me when they wanted a different or contrasting opinion, even pestering me while I presented it.   Well, Joan, when this time had come, I had hoped/dreamt/yearned for a more loving, honest, unbiased and sincere inquiry into my WSU woes and my alleged pseudonym usage (as you claim those who participate in your lifestyle exemplify). However, you did nothing to dispel my lesbian typecast/schema. (Funny, stereotypes are right 99.9% of the time; it's a survival tool.) Your dialogue is rife with hate, scorn, and narcissistic critique. Further, you made me doubt your integrity, intentions, likeability, and trustworthiness as a human being. I hope your archetype isn't indicative of your entire persuasion.  




P.S. I didn't realize it was "lesbianish" to play golf. My gaydar simply scans for the most repulsive clipped-hair, masculine-looking and sounding woman imaginable--one that could never, in her life, catch a real man...Guess I'm hopeless..



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