[Vision2020] Does Ed Cooper = Ed Swan?

Joan Opyr joanopyr at moscow.com
Sat Apr 29 14:32:30 PDT 2006

On Apr 28, 2006, at 10:07 PM, Ed wrote:

> Very good detective work--I'm sure with the assistance of the 
> Huskey's... want my myspace URL as well?
> http://blog.myspace.com/antidhimmism
> be sure to read the blog...
> I never used a pseudonym....just left out the last name for reasons to 
> be explained later..something to do with overzealous and vindictive 
> pontificates...
> Ed

As a Huskey by marriage -- whether or not you, Ed, recognize my 
religious ceremony as valid -- I can assure you that no one in our 
collective household found you of sufficient interest to investigate.  
I was told more than a week ago by one of Vision 2020's resident 
computer wizards that Ed Cooper and Ed Swan were the same person, and 
it amused me that you would blow onto this list pretending to the be 
the straightforward, honest, wrath-of-the-right, and yet hide your real 
name.  Why?  You may not be a paranoid doofus, but you sure seem to be 
playing one in cyberspace.

As for your cryptic reference to "overzealous and vindictive 
pontificates," who's after you, Ed?  The men in black?  Or are you just 
hoping to get your name back into the local newspapers and on Dale 
Courtney's blog?  Fame is fleeting, and FIRE has other, bigger fish to 
fry.  Still, lucky old you, Ed.  As a student, you can bandy about 
accusations of bias, bigotry and anti-Christian, anti-conservative 
maltreatment at the hands of a liberal and unGodly university, and no 
one who is in a position to know the full and complete story can answer 
you -- not legally, anyway.  In that horribly unreasonable and biased 
university, your right to privacy is absolute.  I remember when your 
one-sided story of foul abuse by a close-minded, liberal, dictatorial 
education department came to the attention of this list.  Saundra Lund 
posted a piece reminding us all that your WSU professors and WSU 
administrators -- the people you accused of bigoted, heinous, anti-Ed 
behavior -- were prohibited by law from either defending themselves or 
answering you.  What a deal!  If Martha Stewart had enjoyed this kind 
of privileged protection, she wouldn't have spent six months in the 

BTW, as a writer for New West, I was interested in your case and your 
accusations, but no one at the university could confirm, deny, or in 
any way comment on your story.  Because I was unable to verify or 
counter any of your claims through legitimate channels, I didn't write 
about you -- unlike Dale Courtney, who was more than happy to promote 
your single-source sob story, I aspire to some modicum of integrity.  
(Stop hissing and spluttering; we gays and lesbians do occasionally 
possess the blessings of the spirit.  My God is generous with all of 
her children.)

Under the circumstances, I suppose it's no wonder you've chosen to use 
a pseudonym.  It's no wonder you're so full of yourself.  You're used 
to having it all your own unchallenged way.  No one who might counter 
your cushy accusations with real hard facts is allowed to speak.  All 
are hamstrung by the law and by your right to privacy.  I'm tired of 
that; that wears me out.  I'm challenging you here and now Ed: if you 
have some genuine, verifiable piece of evidence that you were 
mistreated by "overzealous and vindictive pontificates," then produce 
it.  Name a "lesbian atheist" with whom you met.  How did you know she 
was an atheist?  Was it on her nameplate?  And how did you know she was 
a lesbian?  Did she play golf?  Was she sporting a mullet?  Did she 
make you listen to k. d. lang singing "Skylark?"

Finally, is there a written record supporting any of your claims?  Do 
you have a tape or a transcript of some education professor telling you 
to sit down and shut up because you know "we" despise white Christian 
conservatives?  Will any of your fellow education students vouch for 
you?  If you have anything, anything at all other than your own 
unsubstantiated blathering, then, as Chasuk says, the ACLU should take 
on your case.  I won't complain about them spending my annual 
membership dues to defend you, Ed.  Hell, I'll even send them an extra 
few bucks.  I believe in your First Amendment rights.  I believe in 
everyone's First Amendment rights.  But if you haven't got proof . . . 
well, I'm afraid you're just another "War Against Christmas" right-wing 
blowhard with bucket full of Kentucky Fried Victim-itis and two side 
orders of "Look at me, look at me!"

If you've got proof, then make it public.  Publish it.  Flaunt it.  
Rent a billboard.  Otherwise, stuff a biscuit in it.

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

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