[Vision2020] Water. Where do you stand on the issue?

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 24 23:41:31 PDT 2006

 There are two different types of growth. One is  economic, the other is population growth. Economically we have to grow,  that is what generates wealth for the community. If our community has  zero economic development, that would mean the standard of living in  Moscow would decline as the cost of housing, energy, health care, and  other goods and services increased and Moscow remained economically  stagnant.
 As to the population growth, I would tend to agree  that we should keep those numbers low. I don't want Moscow to be a city  of 50,000 people either. 
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Chasuk <chasuk at gmail.com> wrote:  On 4/24/06, Matt Decker  wrote:

> If we are going to continue to grow and have a future for our children here in
> Moscow

I hope that this isn't a naive question.  It certainly isn't meant
disingenuously.  But here it is:  why is growth important?  A town
isn't a corporation, in a business sense, so we don't have
shareholders to pay or a CEO.  Therefore, what is the benefit of
growth?  For myself, Moscow is the perfect size; that's why I live
here (amongst other reasons).

I guess I am anti-growth, if growth means increased congestion and
more crime and more anonymity.

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