[Vision2020] City Staff & NSA...and rhetoric

Michael metzler at moscow.com
Fri Apr 14 10:58:42 PDT 2006

As can be regularly seen, there is also encouragement for any kind of
defense of the Kirk so long as it is aggressive enough, keeping the culture
war alive.  Whether or not the defense is charitable, reasonable, or
insulting does not really matter.  If the defense is even litigious and the
argument insane, as long as it is an expression of war time loyalty, it is
met with praise..or at least a thankful smile.  This becomes important when
you consider that I had kirker friends of 10 years start sending me notes
like the one below as soon as I started critiquing the leadership of the
Kirk (without so much as a phone call check up); the kind of conscience and
discipline behind this apologetic rhetoric is all too clear.  


Michael Metzler



Another irony to be pointed out in all of this.


Have any of you noticed how the progressives of yesterday have adopted a
strange conservatism of today. Responsible energy usage, hybrid vehicles,
health food, small town values, resisting any change or growth (talking
about the good ol'days) and above all, an obsession with "Obeying the Law." 

What about the Revolution man? Are you oppressing me?


Its like a hippy Leave it to Beaver . . .Wally, you can't go out to play
until you put on your water proof wind stopper fleece . . . did you remember
you organic snacks?






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