[Vision2020] City Staff & NSA...and rhetoric

Joan Opyr joanopyr at moscow.com
Fri Apr 14 19:46:25 PDT 2006

Rob writes:

> Another irony to be pointed out in all of this.
> Have any of you noticed how the progressives of yesterday have adopted 
> a strange conservatism of today. Responsible energy usage, hybrid 
> vehicles, health food, small town values, resisting any change or 
> growth (talking about the good ol'days) and above all, an obsession 
> with "Obeying the Law."
> What about the Revolution man? Are you oppressing me?
> Its like a hippy Leave it to Beaver . . .Wally, you can't go out to 
> play until you put on your water proof wind stopper fleece . . . did 
> you remember you organic snacks?

I would remind Rob that there's a great difference between conservation 
and conservatism.  I have always been a conservationist, hence my 
support for responsible energy usage, hybrid vehicles, smart growth, 
smart farming techniques, and etc.  Who, apart from Rob, would identify 
our wasteful, thoughtless, mass-produced, disposable modern-day 
political conservatism with conservation?  No fiscal responsibility; no 
care for the environment; no thought for tomorrow; no common sense.  
You seem to have confused your political and social movements, Rob.  
Our greatest conservationist President was also a part of the 
Progressive Movement: Teddy Roosevelt.

I'm a progressive in favor of a conservationist revolution.  Dude.

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

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