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As someone who lived close to the Canada-Idaho border in childhood and at 
young adulthood at intervening times, as one who lived there during the 
eighties, and as one who has had real property holdings within eyesight of 
the border on both sides of the border:

Anytime someone -- terrorist, potential prostitute, dope dealer, someone 
seeking a better life, etc -- wants to cross the Idaho-Canada border 
undetected, all it takes is a little planning and/or the [paid] help of 
certain locals.  The terrain of the Canada-Idaho Border makes meaningful 
surveillance virtually impractical.  Just drive up through 
Eastport/Kingsgate and back through Rykerts/Porthill to see the part of the 
problem. You can turn off on Old 95, now a county road after you enter the 
US at Porthill to see another part of the problem.  If you have a 4 wheel 
drive/high clearance vehicle then you can drive up Canuck Basin, Gillon 
(Long-Shorty) Creek, and/or the many uncontrolled border crossings part of 
the Boundary Creek road complex.

Last year a man importing 13 potential whores was caught just south of 
Eastport.  He was only caught because of careless driving -- he got stuck in 
a ditch on US 95 after picking up his whores all of which simply walked 
across the border at night at Eastport/Kingsgate [undetected!!!!].

Border security north of us can be improved.  But don't expect it to be less 
than a sieve for those that plan even a little bit.  Don't expect certain 
locals to give up economic opportunities which arise when there are 
people/goods/documents/etc to be moved undetected across the border, 
especially when these locals see no connection between their activities and 

Any alert person who has lived near the Idaho-Canada border for even a short 
while can and probably will tell you this.

Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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> Matt,
> If you'll check back through some earlier posts, you'll find that Keeley 
> and I had a discussion about illegal immigration.
> To tell the truth, I fully expected to be pilloried by other V2020ers, but 
> wasn't. That is a good thing,  since my ex-wife's maiden name is 
> Rodriguez. After my daughter was born, it dawned on me that being racist 
> would entail me hating my child because of her Hispanic/Native American 
> heritage. And that, my friend, will NOT happen.
> As long as your stand is taken in a reasoned manner based on fact/personal 
> experience, I doubt that most would drop the "R" bomb.
> Just as an aside to the terrorism posts, would shooting at Border Patrol 
> agents, from the Mexican side of the border while they are confiscating 
> 164 pounds of "Mota" along the fence be construed as terrorism? It 
> happened near Nogales, AZ last week.
> The border has always been rough, with an element of lawlessness 
> permeating it, but it seems to becoming more and more a war zone.
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