[Vision2020] Republicans to Idaho's Poor: Leave or Drop Dead

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Sat Apr 1 20:56:05 PST 2006

India is getting a lot of high technological jobs because they earned  it-pure and simple. The Indian government has created 8 high tech  colleges called IITs or Indian Institute of Technology. Each of these  colleges are harder to enter than Yale, Harvard, Cornell and Georgia  Tech. When these students get out of college they are offered jobs  entering at $60,000+ a year plus medical and housing for their family  to come and live in the United States.  
 The tuition at  these IITs are virtually free because the Indian government pays for  most of it. This means that entrance requirement is based on ability  and skill, not how much cash you have in your pocket, like US colleges  and universities. 
  What the United States should do is copy the Indian government and start giving US students in poverty the same chance. 
  The University of Idaho has lost 1/2 of its Indian graduate students in  the last couple of years due to the Indian government building  technical colleges that teach skills that pay well in the global  market. The US needs to wise up and catch up, or face losing the best  paying jobs in the 21st century.
"g. crabtree" <jampot at adelphia.net> wrote:  Scott, I am quite familiar with the boom that India has been experiencing in 
the high tech fields. Their universities turn out top notch product and your 
absolutely right about the wages. This makes me all the more curious as to 
how Hansen's vision of Idaho's poor working in high tech/high wage/career 
path positions is to come about. I'm guessing that those econ. classes he 
took really dragged his GPA down.

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> Gary,
> You've made some excellent points on this thread and I
> do enjoy reading most of your V2020 posts.
> I don't know if you have been following the latest
> technology trends, but corporate america is
> outsourcing thousands of tech jobs to India and China.
> Bangalore India is going through explosive growth
> right now with tech Giants like Intel and Cisco and a
> whole slew of other companies setting up technology
> development centers.  One engineer in India can be
> hired for a quarter of the salary of one engineer in
> the United States.  I don't know the going rate for
> the salary of engineer in China these days, but my
> guess is that it is about one tenth of the cost of a
> US engineer.  This type of outsourcing represents
> tremendous cost cutting and Wall Street will take
> notice and reward the officers of these companies very
> generously.
> Note I'm not a big believer in raising minimum wage to
> the level of a living wage, but I'm also not in favor
> of eliminating it either.
> -Scott
> --- "g. crabtree"  wrote:
>> Clever, but fallacious. By this logic "corporate
>> America" would be paying
>> engineers, programmers, accountants, etc. minimum
>> wage since that's all they
>> are required to pay. Why have an entry level
>> engineer at $45.00 when you can
>> have 8.738 for $5.15?
>> gc
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