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Look at the cases over the past 20 years, aproximately 20 in total.  Of 
those they have sent two back, the last in 1999.  Now look at the remaining 
18.  Five of those fled Ireland prior to the Irish actually laying hands on 
them.  One of them is a Preist who is using Maricopa County Arizona policy 
toward him as a religious test of the Treaty (As in see the pink underwear 
frog marches in public that the Sheriff down there does.).  Two are 
grandparents who took their grandkid and fled to keep the kid away from 
abusive parents.  Five of the requests are pending paperwork and the 
remaining five were for situations considerd possibly political, in a place 
with some serious political differences over who we call a terrorist and who 
they do.

I just do not see the Irish holding up a drunk driver who killed people 
being extradited back to face the music.  Its totally different than any 
claim he might make about religious, political or other type defenses and he 
is not a Grandparent protecting a child or a Preist trying to keep his 

Phil Nisbet

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>According to the Daily News article yesterday:
>     "An extradition hearing will take place in Dublin on Tuesday, but that
>may not result in Russell being returned to the U.S., said Whitman County
>Chief Deputy Prosecutor carol         LaVerne. 'That is a long and
>complicated process,' LaVerne said.  'I have already done my part to 
>the extradition packet to Irish authorities.  The U.S. has an extradition
>treaty with Ireland, but they almost never extradite,' LaVerne said.
>Russell cannot be tried in Ireland for a crime committed in the U.S. 'If
>they don't extradite him, we're out of luck,' LaVerne said."
>(Dupler, Michelle.  "Fugitive Captured."  Moscow-Pullman Daily News 24
>October 2005: 1A+)
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